Space Rangers 2: Reboot

I was just going to ask what this super 2.2 thing includes. I played the game like mad for a while, I might have to do it again. What a great game.


I certainly hope this available worldwide. It would be a pity if online retail growth was compromised because of this kind of blinkered thinking, especially when they’re trying to encourage us to switch from bricks and mortar to online.

[/li]The OP mentioned this list and the fact that the “Two new game modes” throw some doubt onto its accuracy. Namely because both of those modes were in the original SR2.


Sooo, if I bought this retail . . . is there any way to get a digital copy of it? As in, I want to play it again, but I don’t want to Starforce up my computer.

I can’t beleive I’m thinking about spending $20 to buy a game I already own. Starforce is a bitch.

Is Starforce REALLY that bad? I’ve been playing Silent Storm for years, a title that supposedly had SF on it and I haven’t had a single problem basically, um, ever.

But you guys are getting me stoked about trying out this awesome game I never tried. Any good resources out there for someone new to the game?

Starforce increases the chances of something horrible happening to your computer, in the same way that smoking increases the chances of something horrible happening to your body. Whether you take the risk or not is up to you!


A lot of which which was distilled into the OO FAQ.

Here’s another one which incorporates QT3, OO, and some new tips.

As far as I can tell, the new search function has some dubious quality about it.

If I search for the capacity of my hull in goods (minimum 95 units), with a maximum purchase price of 54 (the current amount of money I have), within a distance of 25…it gives me a list of systems and goods which don’t appear to ascribe to any of those parameters. Perhaps I’m missing something here, and it’s costing me 3cr every time I want to get back bad information.

I am so willing to put down money on this. Through IMPULSE no less. So if I implore Brad to let us non North American fans buy the complete SR2, will he?

Please Brad, please.

I’m sure if it was up to Brad, Impulse would sell everything to everyone. :)

To be honest, the feature list isn’t really that exciting to me, especially when the ground battles were one of the weakest parts (unless they’ve enhanced the mechanics, as well).

But oh well, I’ve got some now-obsolete tokens to burn…

I had never heard of this game. I grabbed a demo but not sure when I will get to it. I understand it makes the space-trading-sandbox geeks go crazy, but I was curious about space combat. How does the turn-based combat work (not the stuff in the black holes)? Are there any tactics to it or is it just a slugfest? Does it happen often, like in dangerous sectors or something?

I haven’t played MOO2 or SC2 or anything yet so referencing those won’t help. :)

I’m reading that to mean that you can play those two modes from the main menu instead of solely through the regular game. At least I don’t remember being able to play them on their own before…could be wrong.

I think it’s just badly worded.

They meant to say “new additions to these modes”. Or “more stuff in the modes”. Or “new in the modes”.

Son of a BITCH! I’m not in the practice of buying games twice, but in the case of SR2, I just might.

You’re right. At least, they’re not stand-alone game modes in the Russian version of SR2:Reboot.

It’s just a bunch of new RTS maps, a couple of txt missions, a slew of government missions and a major overhaul of, well, nearly everything (including a faction rebalance for moar pirate goodness!!).

About the Eurotrash release; to the best of my knowledge there’ll be a retail version in about a month and a half. It should include SR, SR2:Reboot (complete, not an expansion pack), some additional tools and be Starforce-free.

EDIT: Also, don’t blame SD or for the regional clusterfuck. It’s 1C’s doing.

So here’s what I found out today:

Cinemaware is the North American publisher of SR2:R which is the one who signed on to Impulse and they only have the rights to NA.

So we’re going to go out and try to get the Europeans and Asians to support it as well.

It’s okay, Europeans. You’ll always have Paris.

Ok, I guess I’m just going to bite and pay for the whole game over again. I really want to play some enhanced SR2… especially a DRM free one.

And the more money SR2 gets the better, IMO.