Spelunky 2 - Bring Your Daughter to Work day

I’m really curious about how this will turn out. The roguelite genre has moved on so far from the game that originally launched it, and most of the original roguelites were happy accidents by creators who didn’t fully understand what made them tick (see Binding of Isaac). I’m still not sure how much Derek understands his own game – Spelunky Enhanced’s changes from Spelunky classic didn’t exactly give me confidence that he did.


I need this game.

So it could be released anytime between now and late June 2021!

Every time I see this thread get bumped, I hope it is finally time. Alas…

Come back in 12 months and it will definitely have been released! (probably)

I’ll keep trying to finish a Hell run in the first game for now. Also, I don’t know how people pull off Speedlunk and No-Gold. I’ve tried and gotten nowhere near close.

I was sure I’d beaten Hell, but according to my achievements I have not. Maybe I got really close and died at the last, or maybe it was all a dream.

LOL yeah, I suppose you never know. I’d like to think the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel isn’t a year out though. :)

2020’s GOTY has a release date!

That trailer is really, really doing it for me.

My opinion is having it be a PS4 launch first and not day/date on PC and XBOX is going to cause a problem for the community, I’m not sure that was the best move for Derek and company, but I’m sure they have their reasons. It comes out on PC very soon after PS4 though, so that’s not terrible, and I’d rather they drop it on PS4 first and then Steam rather than delay the PS4 version to get it out on PC on the same day. Still, I see lots of dislikes on that trailer and I am sure it’s the XBOX community being very disappointed, and I can empathize.

That said, I’ll get this on PS4 day 1 just to play it right away and enjoy it on my TV, and when it comes out on PC I’ll probably abandon the PS4 version to play it there. Though I can also see myself triple-dipping for a Switch copy at some point.

At 2:40 in the trailer the player is on a rope, shoots an arrow through a torch that is too close to him, which ignites the arrow and the flaming arrow not only lights up a row of torches but sets the rope on fire the player is on. /Chef’s Kiss

Mossmouth are going to save 2020! WOOOOO!

Not on Steam the same day is a big bummer.

Well, the alternative looks like delaying the PS4 version until the PC version is ready. I think they made the right call. Unless they could have shipped the PC version on the same date with the PS4 without online multiplayer and had that come as a patch later, in which case they made the wrong call.

I’m so glad they changed the graphic directions. I didn’t like where it was headed when I saw a preview trailer a couple of years ago. This one looks a lot like Spelunky 1 and that is such a relief! Can’t wait to play it in Steam!

Still looks inferior to Spelunky 1 IMO.

The graphics look flat and lifeless compared to the original.

The original (well, the updated original) has a different look, no doubt. This one is more detailed and crisp, the lighting effects are better, but somehow it does look a bit flatter, as though the background is a separate element rather than part of the foreground. I wouldn’t say it’s better or worse, just different. But really, graphics are not what makes Spelunky great.

As strangely usual with Spelunky, release is going to be a confusing mess of incertainty. I’ll come back in a couple of years when the PC version will surely be real!