Spider-Man: Homecoming - Spider-Man and the MCU


And in reports that don’t have anything to do with Civil War, talks with Keaton have stopped, so he won’t be the Vulture or Gwen Stacy or whatever after all.


Siiiiiigh. I was so hoping he’d be some mob boss with the last name of Dangerously or something…


Jew fargin’ iceholes!!!


Donald Glover has joined the cast.

Also, Kenneth Choi will be in the movie.


Finally! I mean, I wish he were Spiderman, but this is a good start.


Zendaya is playing Mary Jane Watson.


Danny Glover? Jesus, he’s about an 8 on the 10 point Randy Quaid insanity scale.


@desslock, are you talking about Donald Glover? This is Donald Glover.

Danny Glover is someone else entirely. :)


Ah yes, I misread that. Phew!


Teaser for the teaser.

I guess part of this takes place sometime during/before Iron Man 3?


I take it you haven’t seen Captain America: Civil War? Because it pretty clearly takes place after that, which is well after Iron Man 3.


What makes you say that, just Happy Hogan showing up again? Why wouldn’t he still be around?


Didn’t he die in Iron Man 3? Ditto for @Ephraim


Nah, they showed him in the hospital. I think he was watching Downton Abbey.


Oh, crap. OK. I thought he died.

Guess that goes to show how much I paid attention during IM3.


The latest Trailer


Looks good to me. Not quite GotGv2 but still I’m more ready for a SM movie than I’ve been since SM2


Iron Man 4 looks great.


Looked good until the ship scene, then it got silly.


Well, considering that was just a second at the literal end of the clip, I guess that didn’t leave much time for silliness!

Loved it. And the music choice was a pleasant change from the new movie trailer song trend.