Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse


This Twitter thread collects a ton of concept art done for Spider-verse during its development:


Saw this today. So mind-blowingly joyful and full of the feels.


Slightly spoilery in that you know there’s an …Aunt May?

In an odd move for a Sony movie, there was a lack of distracting product placement outside of the Nikes. Usually there’s Sony Playstation/Xperia or Surface PC that wouldn’t be quite as popular IRL.


There’s absolutely no plot spoilers in that clip, but it’s an amazing, cathartic moment you absolutely want to experience for the first time in context, on the biggest screen possible.

So in that sense it’s a worse spoiler than any plot reveal.


This is really well put, and encapsulates the other main reason I avoid trailers, even for movies I assume will be dopey. People will say, “Okay, I get you not wanting to watch the new Shyamalan movie trailer, but why bother avoiding the preview for the new Roland Emmerich movie? That’s just silliness.”

But if I know I’m going to have to see it, I don’t want to ruin what few things I could possibly enjoy within the context of the movie. Such as a decent special effects sequence, or, as you say, a moment that could be cathartic.



I knew about it going in but the movie was so much more than it so much richer


(Do we have a “Why I Avoid Trailers” thread? It seems like a discussion that’s been around before.)

Yeah, it’s hard to explain it, but sometimes moments from the trailers just stick with me. So when I see a trailer where X happens, I’m waiting around in the movie for X to happen. Makes me glad when I can see movies after I’ve completely avoided all the trailers (which I should have done after the first Spider-Man teaser).


Like how in Hackers, I was waiting the whole movie for Angelina Jolie to be naked in a pool and then she never was.





So I guess a “Why I Avoid ‘Why I Avoid Trailers’ Threads” thread is out of the question??


No. I was making a joke. There is such a thread.



I’m very late to the party. I just watched the movie with my wife and daughter and we all adored it. Style, action, story, heart. It was all there. Well done Sony.


I just took my wife and daughter to it. Somehow it was still playing here. Spectacular movie.


When is its home release?


Mid March. I just looked.


I’m going all in on it. I’ll get the combo pack that’s Blu-ray, (home) DVD (car) and Digital Download (sooner!). That’s how much my family loved this movie.


Hah, love it. I’m just doing Blu-ray.


You should read the whole thread.


I get it, cool, but also some heavy eye rolling over here at the “WHAT THE FUCK CARTOONS CAN MATTER? tone.

I’m glad for all the representation and themes she’s getting to see on the big screen, but the specific way she’s reacting is grating.


That’s the point. Being “just a cartoon” shouldn’t be denigrated. Animated films should have been lumpted in with non-animated films long ago.