Stacking, from Double Fine

Looks pretty good.

That looks really interesting.

Looks like Messiah with better art.

Tasha Harris tweeted that Lee Petty is the lead for this one. Twitter - @leepetty . He was AD on Brutal Legend.

Hopefully it’ll be a little more meaty than CQ.
Once they produce post-mortems for the DL titles it would be nice to see the original prototypes from the game jam that inspired the releases.

Sweet. I’m in.

I’m in too. Or, to put it more politely, fuck yes.

I’m intrigued.

Love Double Fine and looking forward to this. Brutal Legend was very high up on my GotY list last year, though more for art direction, music, writing than gameplay (though that wasn’t tooooo bad).

I’m trying to ignore all news from Double Fine since they continue to not support the PC but they games sure look interesting.

Regarding the PC Eurogamer has a story that links to Double Fine about that now has a explanation why they don’t support the PC. Basically the publisher doesn’t fund the PC version and Double Fine seems to living on the financial edge that they don’t have any money to fund them alone, and they would if they could, at least that’s what they say. Seems odd because most independent developers manage to put out a PC version these days even if comes some time after, and for example Hothead manage to convince EA to release a PC version of recent games. So heres hoping that the finances of Double Fine improve so they support the PC.

Yeah, it’s funny

I believe we will be hearing about Double Fine closing up next year.

Not a convincing explanation at all. But anyway, who am I to complain? They chose (or had) to alienate all of Schafer’s fans that play on PC and apparently the sales of their games are suffering because of that. Nothing new there…

Giantbomb has a really nice quick look of the game:

There’s a new preview out at Eurogamer here:

It’s looking really good, but what sells it for me is the new, gorgeous screenshot gallery they’ve got up as well. Schafer definitely employs the right people:

Coming out March 8 for the ps3 $14.99 and on March 9 for the 360 for 1,200 fun bucks

I’m pretty sure it’s actually coming February 8th (PSN) and 9th (XBLA).

This is so far up my alley that it’s rudely barged into my house and started making admiring comments about the curtains.

I [heart] this.

Just repeating this news story:

Shacknews made an error.

I’ve confirmed with the PR rep for the game that it launches February 8th on PSN and February 9th on XBLA.