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New with pro:

  • Floor Kids
    Live out your breakdancing fantasies in this hand-drawn, stylish rhythm game.
  • Hotline Miami 2
  • Trine 4

This took me about 20 minutes so far. And I finally got the code, but it turns out you need to be a member of Stadio Pro to redeem the code. Which, to be fair, it says that in the forums you linked to, but it says it after all the other instructions, so I didn’t know I wasn’t eligible until I went through all this already.

My diehard Stadia loyalist friend cancelled two weeks ago, and just said this month’s games didn’t make him want to come back. This guy had been playing Stadia on some of the worst Internet you can buy for $50/mo, with a crappy router, and still defending it. That’s a sign.

I wasn’t a current member when I used it, but I had the free trial thingy in november.

Maybe they changed it, what did it say when you tried redeeming?

It said I had to be a member of Stadia Pro in order to redeem codes.

(And the page you linked to said the same thing, except that page said you can sign up for a free trial, but I already used up my free trial last year).

Hmm weird. :(

The code is for stadia pro, doesn’t really make sense for people to already have it to redeem it.

Yeah, I’m willing to sign up for it for free for 3 months and never use it. But to pay $10 for 4 months and then never use it seems wasteful.

Btw, I just played the Resident Evil Village demo on Stadia just now. Unfortunately “Invert Y” doesn’t do anything, and the look can’t be inverted so I couldn’t play the demo. It’s a shame, I really was curious about the game, and I don’t think the demo is available on PC.

This one?

Obligatory GeForce NOW is far superior and you can use your own Steam library. Only a limited selection of games though. I’ve signed up to Shadow too but the waiting period is like a year - craziness!. Once it comes online I’m going to switch over entirely to cloud gaming and no longer run a gaming rig at home.

This points out a good use of Stadia actually. I installed that Steam demo after you linked it and confirmed that yes indeed, you can’t invert look successfully in the steam demo either. So it was actually a good use of Stadia to not install anything and to already know I can’t play the demo because of the controls.

And now you have saved me from looking at either :)

Is there a way to leave a negative review on Steam? I can’t find anywhere on the Demo page where I can leave a review on Steam, and yet, lots of people have done so. I’m totally confounded. I googled it and there’s supposed to be a review box below the part where it says I already own it.

Hmm. I don’t see the option either. I wonder if that’s something you lose when you’re not a real Steam customer. I haven’t bought a Steam key from Steam in forever.

I bought something from them last week! I like your theory though. Maybe they flagged the demo as not reviewable but forgot to do so when it was released, hence all the current reviews.

I haven’t tried it, but I think you can invert the axis in Steam using the general controller settings. Open the Steam client, go to the Steam tab at the top → settings → controller → general controller settings.

That doesn’t seem like a good thing.

Tis but a scratch!

Jedi Fallen Order is now part of Pro as well.

Free chromecast and stadia controller if you pre-buy the new Resident Evil.
See fine print if anyone is interested in that.