Star Realms - Qt3 league

Welcome to the Qt3 Star Realms league thread! If you’d like to join in, please send me a PM and let me know your Star Realms nickname.


Season 33: ineffablebob won Star Academy adventure
Season 34: Mithrophon > Casey

For the record, delirium’s team name is INTERSTELLAR HAMBONES, but the BONES didn’t fit. :)

Interstellar Ham will do!

You guys have too many syllables.

Ooooh. Dedicated thread. Looks like you’ve made it, Star Realms.

In. First page!

Putting bobm on my team so I don’t get the free W is just…ironic. Well done, Cpt fire!

Ha, awesome.

Excellent, excited for this. I dare say I’m enjoying SR more than Ascension these days, thanks to not being able to recognize Ascension.

Start when you like!

beatrix > holsten

Yay! Go Hams!

JoshL > Mithrophon. Was looking bad for a while, he had me down to 7, but my aggressive scrapping finally paid off.

scott > mithrophon


You can’t do anything about the draw you got on your last turn, but you really should have killed me before my 45-point monster turn had a chance to kick in (I fully expected you to win before I got to play that last turn. Also, sorry about piling on, I’ve been playing playoff games and forgot that this wasn’t one of them)

Ron > Beatrice

Kl3mnop > scottagibson
Looks like my Rocket Engine just Honey Baked your ham!

I couldn’t draw anything to save my life! GG!

Apparently not. I think I had 14 Authority for like six turns in a row…and never had a blue card other than that one rune-generating base.