Star Trek Discovery (2017)


I don’t really know where to put this - sounds a little sketchy but more Michelle Yeoh can’t be a bad thing?

Picard show confirmed

Are there enough studios out there to make all these spinoffs? Disney seems able to do this with Star Wars and Marvel, but CBS could end up like DC: i.e. with a bunch of flops.


Just need to keep getting Netflix to pay for International rights and they will have plenty of cash.


But DC had cash too…


I noticed this was available to purchase on itunes now, at $34.99 for the season. Which is cool, since I don’t need to sign up for the CBS streaming service.


The season isn’t that long, and CBS All Access is $5.99/month … just saying.


When does season 2 start?


January 17.


I liked the second Short Trek. But wow, it certainly sets up an interesting future for the USS Discovery.


I am so pissed at Netflix they did not license Short Treks for us international fans. I am missing a bunch of story that seems to link the seasons :-/


Do I need to be a subscriber to view the Short Treks?

Also, who is your favorite character? I think my only favorite “young” character is Tilly.


I got an email from CBS All Access. They’re offering a free month, use the promo code WINTER by 12/26/18.

I’m thinking that sounds like a good idea. I’ll catch up on the Short Treks that are out, and keep going with the Original Series rewatch that we’re doing.


Thanks for the tip!


I watched the Harry Mudd Short Trek tonight. Very nice. They know how to tell a complete story in 16 minutes. I’ll try to watch the other 3 Short Treks tomorrow night, in anticipation of the new season coming on Thursday.

Unfortunately, I think my free month will run out right before the 2nd episode of the season airs next week.


I watched the other three Short Treks tonight. God, these are so good! I wouldn’t mind a season of just Short Treks. Who needs a 44 minute show when they can write these excellent 15 minute stories and make them so good?

Season 2 premieres tomorrow. I’m pretty pumped now after watching all these excellent Short Treks.


I’m considering not watching the new season. I liked the first season plot, but I was not impressed by a lot of the performances. The ship is too blue inside, too.


I would >:(

(They’re not available in the UK)


Merry Christmas, non-American people!


Oh nice, will have to have a look later.


The Short Treks are great, recommended. I liked them more than the season 2 premiere.