Star Trek: Infinite - New Trek Grand Strategy Game Thing

The “20 years before” timeframe doesn’t make sense for a Galaxy-class starship like you see in the trailer. So perhaps it starts 20 years before, but eventually you get to the point where the Borg appear a couple of decades later.

Thanks for the name change, Brian! There’s more than a couple of topics around here where I cringe every time I see the name, and glad it doesn’t have to be one of the Star Trek ones. :-)

Not really a comment on Stellaris specifically as the AI in 4x/GS games more generally, although good to hear, re: Stellaris. Perhaps when this game is seven years can reach a similarly exalted state.

It’s a space grand strategy game so I’ll buy it. I even bought and enjoyed Polaris Sector.

I am quietly hopeful as I enjoyed BotF (though it was objectively bad in several ways). I would like to see the following in a space grand strategy:

  1. Emphasis on exploration.
  2. Minimal micro
  3. Tech breakthroughs are truly revolutionary rather than incremental.
  4. Wars do not require endless management of invasion forces, and also are not super-decisive - more border struggles between big empires than existential total war.

I installed again last night to take another look at it since I never put much time into it when it was released, and yes the star lanes are annoying. It was especially annoying in this case since it boxed me in from expanding early on by putting a space monster and space dragon in systems nearby. The maps also seem kind of small.

There is a big mod site for Birth of the Federation:

It’s good, but it doesn’t fix the memory leak that grinds the game to a stop after a few hours though.

IIUC their all-in-one mod download includes to game itself.

Name a bad Paradox developed game!

(I know later in the thread we find out it’s Paradox published, but still…)

I am hyped, though I need more data. We don’t even know which Paradox Grand Strategy game it’ll be ripping off. Might even be Crusader Kings! Their twitter account says: Boldly going toward Picard Day on June 16 for the full reveal.

Note: I’ll concede that Paradox-published Grand Strategy games are usually terrible. Like that one that used the EU2 engine, or that other one.

The HOI game they did under that program was pretty good, if I remember right.

Regardless, Paradox as a publisher has changed a lot over the years and seem to have settled on publishing fewer but higher quality titles.

Today is supposed to be the day we get more news on this game. However, I can’t find any information on when they’re going to release more information or where they’re going to do it. Is there some type of Star Trek event today? Is Paradox doing something today? I did find that Star Trek Infinite now has a Steam page

Going through their description, it didn’t sound very “Stellaris” until I hit the last bullet point which is this:

Well that seems pretty clear. Also there’s this screenshot which looks very Stellaris:

Why would anyone get this when there is already a very good Trek mod for Stellaris?

Yeah, it’s Stellaris: Star Trek

I mean, I’ll play it, but fuck. Fuck.

Yeah, when they say “deep and complex”, and “Stellaris” in the same sentence like that…

That link brings up an unskippable Danica Patrick commercial before the video.

Yep, Danica Patrick. You have to watch her to see the trailer.

I googled Picard Day Star Trek Infinite and found this press release from Paradox that links to that video that Brian already posted, so I was too late!

I’m curious if the folks that made that mod are involved with this at all. There’s certainly a history of really good Pdox mods getting reworked as full games.

I’ve not seen any mention of the mod anywhere in the stuff about the new game, so I dunno. That’d be pretty shitty, if not.

Frankly I’m shocked that the mod wasn’t taken down right at the start when it came out in 2016. I guess Paramount is just much nicer about letting people play with their toys. I think a lot of companies would have required an immediate takedown as soon as they discovered someone was using their IP.

I’m guessing it will get taken down when Infinite releases and then we’ll see a hissy fit over the take down with boycott threats. That seems to be how this stuff plays out.

I hope y’all are right and the mod developers are involved with the new game. That certainly seems like the best case scenario, For those that have played the mod, from the screenshots on Steam does that look like the mod at all?

100% agree

It’s been a few years, and Stellaris has changed so much since then I couldn’t really say.