Star Trek Lower Decks


I dig scifi comedy trading heavily on tropes (hell I created a full ttrpg about it), but man, I really prefer a show like Final Space or even The Orville here. Being one step removed from the “real thing” you’re parodying really helps, I think. Trek directly didn’t need this, and running with it “in-universe,” so to speak, just feels kinda wrong to me.

I mean, power to em and best of luck, but I’ll be back to CBS for Disco, not this :-)

They had me at “blast shieeeeelds”.

Trek and Morty, eh.

It’s… uh…

I chuckled once or twice during the trailer. It has potential.

I’ll watch when the season is finished.

Looks like the trailer got pulled down already. Dang it.

Man, I really missed my window to produce my sci-fi comedy webseries.

As for this, I was going to jump in with praise for the TNG episode. Wasn’t expecting to see a naked guy in a captain’s chair. But OK.

The actual trailer, not some neckbeard blathering about it for an hour:

I can tell this is going to give Star Wars: Detours a real run for its money.

Lower Decks as an idea has been around for a long time, like late-season TNG long. It’s kind of sad to see it finally emerge as… that.

It’s no Harley Quinn, but I’ll try one or two episodes.

It wasn’t just an idea, it was an actual episode.

Speaking of which, I finally finished Season 1 and have started Season 2. What a great show! So very much better than the recent live action movie. I still get a weird thrill every time Kaley Cuoco calls someone a motherfucker.

Yup, it was a backdoor pilot of sorts (though nothing quite so formal). From that episode, which as late-season TNG went was pretty good, to this. That’s… quite a shift. But then again it’s also been 3 decades.

I’ll be in my bunk.

Ha! Exactly the vibe I got from the art.

I think this looks fun. Loved the blast shields moment. Probably a ton of great Mary Sue stuff for us Trekkies.

The showrunner created the hilarious TNG_S8 Twitter feed, with wonderful synopses from the never-produced eighth season of TNG:

  • A subspace rumple disables the Enterprise and blinds the crew. Data & Geordi’s plan to build the perfect girlfriend backfires explosively.

  • Picard puts his life on the line to protect a sacred book. O’Brien’s uncle shows up drunk and confused and keeps demanding to fight Quark.

  • Beverly defends a sentient virus. Instead of dumping his alien girlfriend, Wes is hoping her lifecycle turns her into a tree or something.

  • A damaged nacelle attracts ravenous plasma sharks. Wes assumes the swing and mirrored ceiling in Riker’s quarters are for zero-g training.

  • The hunt is on for cascading micro-fissures that threaten the Enterprise’s structural stability. Data’s sketch comedy show is pure misery.

  • The Enterprise is flung into the Delta Quadrant by an alien called the Caretaker. Geordi soups up the warp core and they’re home by dinner.


nerd humour is intolerable.

Is it the same artist/studio, in fact? The art style is really similar.

You left out the best one, where Riker’s sonic shower gets stuck on “smooth jazz”.