Star Trek: Picard SPOILER THREAD

All right. Since a bunch of you are vampires and don’t need sleep and watched this at midnight, discuss it here while the rest of us are working.

Will is into this.

OK, so! The things I was referencing over in the main thread, the whole artificial life rising up against their masters give me pretty strong geth flashbacks from Mass Effect, as well as Battlestar Galactica. Not to mention the whole ‘organic android’ thing. I am confident they will make this interesting, but I’m a bit concerned that we’re working over fairly well-trodden ground.

Also got pretty serious River Tam feelings from Dahj, with her sudden kickass-ness. But since most people seem to like Firefly for some reason, that’s probably a plus in their column.

Still, really great to see Picard (and by extension Stewart) back in action. I guess I haven’t been paying attention to casting but kind of cool to see Allison Pill, I liked her in The Newsroom and that video gamey movie that I keep forgetting the name of.

So how did Picard get a hold of that necklace? I thought that would have been destroyed in the explosion, or at least taken by Federation security when they inspected the area and picked up Picard and took him home.

I think she left it behind when she fled the Picard estate.

Yeah, they showed it lying on the table where they were drinking tea together when she went to bed.

Picard felt old and feeble with his speaking. Are the years catching up to Stewart?

Ah nice catch @divedivedive and @Rock8man I didn’t notice that.

I don’t think so. He looks pretty spry at Comicon, etc.

It’s called ACTING rei. ACTING. He’s good at it.

Although it is interesting that they did make him look better than he did in the flash-forwards in “All Good Things…”, which I just re-watched yesterday.

Ah I haven’t kept up with how spry he actually is.

Also, dude is going to turn eighty this year. I’m impressed he’s still working, I doubt he needs to.

and Bruce Maddox’s actor is “only” 10 years younger at 70 if they plan to bring him back.

I totally forgot about how Nemesis ended and we got B4. It took me about half the episode to realize that Data had indeed been killed in that movie, but at the end he was “reincarnated” into B4. So, nice way to retcon that B4 was a dead end after all.

Also nice that Picard will get a far stronger swan song than Nemesis.

I don’t see as a Retcon.

Watching this again, it confirms what I remember: they left the door open that he could become like Data because he starts singing Blue Skies, which puts a spring in Picard’s step at the end, but nothing in that scene contradicts what we saw today in Rememberence.

Btw, I didn’t realize that Blue Skies was the song until I saw that clip, which is the song that Star Trek: Picard opens with. I also didn’t remember until I watched that clip that at the end of the movie Riker got his own command, finally.

I’m really digging how they’re tying this back into stuff that happened on TNG. Also it’s incredible seeing a Star Trek TV show with Star Trek movie production values.

So the robot doctor lady mentions Bruce Maddox. Remember him?

Can’t say that I do. Help a brother out?

The Federation bastard who wanted to disassemble Data in “Measure of a Man”!

Hm, that is interesting. So the same man who wanted to disassemble Data’s Brain, who considered Data a thing and Starfleet property, may be responsible for creating organic, sentient androids?

She explains in Picard. He had some experimental technique that could possibly restore Data’s entire software from just a scrap of it being left behind. So at this point I think they want us to believe that he did that, then created a new android based on the technology, which would basically mean she was Data’s daughter in a way, and so he used her likeness from the Daughter painting to signify that? Some shred of Data is still in there, which I figure is why she was seeing his face and felt safe near Picard.

Not just that, her “mother” urged her to go back to Picard. Why? Who are these people she believes are her parents? If Maddox created them, why “seed” these biological androids out there among living creatures rather than monitor them under more controlled circumstances? It seems possible he, or someone, is keeping an eye on them - I doubt it’s a coincidence that Dahj was admitted to the Daystrom Institute.