Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - Reconsidered


McCoy says “SENSOR!” in such a goofy way while he and Spock are modifying the torpedo.

Also: “Connect Echo Bars.”

Have fun.


Sorry to piss in your cornflakes like that. I was thinking that others here had not heard of it.

Nah you didn’t. Just being playful.

My bad, sorry.

One of the only movies I went to see with my dad, two Star Trek geeks. I loved it. There was a complexity here that I wasn’t used to as a 12 year old (ish?)… the intrigue, politics, thriller type stuff, mixed in with constant action and effects… the zero-g blood in the opening sequence was amazing to me at the time.

But I’ll be honest, it was Sulu and the Exelsior that really pulled it all together. What a ship. And unlike STIII, dishing it out a little.

Looking at the discussion above, I see many of you maybe don’t know about the non-theatrical ending that significantly changes the tone of the film…

The original theatrical release (U.S.) did not include the portion of the scene in the Federation President’s office where Colonel West outlined his plan to rescue Kirk and McCoy. Also at the climax of the film, the bit where the Klingon assassin is revealed to be none other than Colonel West was not included.

“Target that explosion and fire.”

“Fly her apart then” is the most badass thing that has ever been said, or will ever be said.

For that alone, this movie is fantastic.

Honestly, it was that change in the ending that makes me kind of think of the ending as unimportant in this movie. If it’s not important enough that they would just change it, then it’s unimportant enough that I can ignore it, basically. The rest of the movie is great though, I just don’t give the ending much mind.

I’m not sure I understand your reasoning. Clearly, how the story played out and the implications thereof was important to many of the people in the filmmaking process, who were at odds to each other. If you’re frustrated that we’ll never know who wanted what, fine, but storywise having Federation higher-ups seeking to perpetuate war, vs them being consistently altruistic as per assumptions, is pretty important to the universe.

Yeah, but it’s weird to think about the movie making process when thinking about what’s “official” history in a fictional universe. Is the changed ending officially what happened in Star Trek history then? So the theatrical version never happened after all? That’s the kind of stuff I don’t like thinking about. It forces you to look behind the curtain.

Still one of the greatest moments in all of Star Trek.

I liked this.

I remember seeing it in the theatre with a bunch of like-minded Trek-Friends. We as a group would regularly get together to watch the latest Next Gen episode on TV. I remember the consensus was that ST:VI was a solid film. And after the re-watch I believe that it is.

Unlike ST:V where I felt that most of the time the character felt out of place, doing things that didn’t feel right to me (Uhura/Scotty thing? What?), there is a sense ST:VI that the characters are aware of their place in a rapidly changing galaxy. It’s the theme of Kirk not only accepting, but welcoming the future that realty resonates with me my now that I’m older.

I’m not sure I ever bought into Valeris being part of the conspiracy, but it did lead to a great scene where Spock is barely containing his anger. Nice.

I loved the dinner scene and in the moment appreciated the Shakespearian banter between the Klingons and the Federation. Good stuff. But I quickly grew weary of Chang spitting out quotes especially at the very end. Just way overdone. Ugh.

It’s a very watchable ST movie and certainly has aged better than IV.

And now my ranking (favorite to least favorite):

  1. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  2. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (sue me)
  3. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
  4. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  5. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (I put this barely in front of…)
  6. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (some good moments in a mess of a movie)

Fun times, everyone. What’s next?

You’d give real money if he’d shut up?

+1. Like.

Just rewatched it again tonight. Love it as much as I always have.

I’ve used “don’t wait for the translation, answer me now” in casual conversation more times than anyone ought to be able to expect to.