Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - Reconsidered

Oh god I used it just the other day.

The whole Klingon Shakespeare thing is amusing enough, but the ripoff of Adlai Stevenson with the “don’t wait for the translation” thing bugs me. I guess it just pins the whole Cold War thing a bit too much for me.

Omg there’s something ELSE you don’t like about this movie? quelle surprise!

STVI has the best opening of any of the Trek movies.

The evidence:

  1. Cliff Eidelmen’s theme over the credits is FANTASTIC. I think it’s an under-appreciated score overall.

  2. Starts with a literal bang.

  3. Hikaru! I loved hearing Sulu’s first name made canon. Up to that point it has only been in the novels.

  4. Cool energy wave! I love the moment where it hits the Excelsior and the ship is enveloped as it keels over. Great effects.

  5. Janice Rand!

  6. Clear evidence that Nicholas Meyer is once again at the helm (righting the ship, as it were), with great direction and the same naval tone as STII.

  7. I loved the North Korean-style announcement from the Klingons.

The opening of STII is great, and the theme of the no-win scenario is certainly relevant to that movie, but it’s not the inciting incident that we have here. Also the TWoK opening has too much focus on Saavik, and Kirstie Alley is a garbage person, so it’s made retroactively worse.

Hang on, I think I get it - you believe you are your opinions. You can’t read a dissenting opinion without feeling attacked right? And letting an attack go by unanswered would just not be the internet way would it? Well, I’m kinda done with it Brian. I like ST VI just fine but it’s got issues and I’m here to discuss the movie. Accept it or don’t, not my problem.

I think my favorite thing from it is at the end, with each of the TOS actors signing the movie rather than just rolling the credits. A very nice and somewhat moving touch.

While a sweeping rendition of the original theme plays, yeah? Or maybe I just imagined it like that because I always wanted it to be that way. either way, stirring.

I mean, when it comes to quotable lines, this one is littered with them, and the best of them comes from McCoy when he wishes Chang would stfu with his quotable lines. 😂

And again, the treatment of Sulu in this film stands out so much and of course George Takei is so much up to the task. There is so much in this film that changes Trek or at the very least explains so much of what has changed by the time of Next Generation. Having Michael Dorn play his ancestor and how that shaped Worf himself is also a brilliant little character touch.

For me, this is the best original cast film and I don’t think it’s all that close. Everyone in it brings their very best. The people around them too are not mailing it in. Even Kim Cattrall getting the mind meld raid from Spock… you can just see and feel her pain. Spock ain’t fuckin’ around! And again… it’s a step on his path to Ambassador Spock, which we know even kicks off a whole new timeline in … time.

It didn’t occur to me to look up the dates on this until now, but I do remember Spock’s appearance on TNG’s Unification parts 1 and 2 being aired close to Star Trek VI.

Looking it up now, Unification Part 1 aired the week of 11/4/1991 and part 2 aired the week of 11/11/1991, and Star Trek VI came to theaters on 12/6/1991. So they were really close together!

They were authorized?

Or it was a new feature/procedure. This was nearly a brand new ship to the senior crew after all.
None of the OG cast knew about it except Scotty (who of course would know about a new feature of his ship, because he’s Scotty).

I guess I’ll put there here since it’s the last of the TOS movies.

My wife had such a great time revisiting these films, she insisted we watch all the Next Gen Movies as well. So, yeah. We did that. Which begs the question: What’s next for us here on Qt3?

The logical choice would be to dive into the Next Gen TV series. That’s a lot of content to get through.

She watched the TNG movies without watching the series first?

Oh she’s seen all the Star Treks. She’s a huge DS9 fan. It’s just we were on a movie kick and she thought it would be fun to watch the Next Gen ones and compare them to the TOS movies in terms of general quality.

So (per Greg’s next post) that may not be the case here, but it does make me wonder how a person who hadn’t seen TNG would respond to the TNG movies. So much of what’s disappointing about them for me stems from expectations and understandings of the characters, if you didn’t have those I wonder what they’d look like?

Well I might rather watch them instead of STV, I guess.


Actually no, nevermind. At least STV would be over quicker.

Yeah. I was wondering where I’d place them. ST:V is still on the bottom.

My rough list of the Next Gen stuff from best to worst is:
First Contact
Insurrection (I was surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did. Would have made a good 2-part episode.)
Generations (Some interesting stuff in the beginning. The rest was forgettable)
Nemesis (Wow. This was worse than I remember. Solid production quality. A hot mess of a story)

Wow, your rankings are just like mine, including your commentary on Insurrection and Nemesis.

Someone create the Generations thread and let’s do this.

I endorse this sentiment.

@vinraith I kinda did this, back in the day. I was broadly familiar with, and had seen a scattered few episodes of, TNG when I watched the movies.

Nemesis still sucked donkey balls even with no expectations.

I love you guys, but I’m not rewatching more than 25% of the first two seasons of TNG for anyone.