Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Clones gone wild

So the Bad Batch first episode was GREAT. Should it get its own thread?

Do it!

I haven’t watched it yet, but yes, it absolutely should.

I agree with Brian, the first episode was amazing. It’s great having a show like Clone Wars back, but a shame it’s on a weekly release schedule. Looking at imdb, the last episode airs in August.

It’s weekly release? Oh well.

Yes, but the first episode is an hour and 15 minutes long. Even if you are thinking about waiting for some episodes to pile up, I would suggest watching the first episode as soon as you are able to.

Does the episode start out with the Caleb we all know and love?

All I know is the voice that came out of the padawan was way too old man Freddie Prinze Jr. to be a teenager.

I wonder what will make Omega stand out? It might be that she is force sensitive.

Her accent isn’t enough?

She sounds like the Sun from Summer Camp Island.

Which is cool.

Overall watchable and I like the style… but is it the “the girl is the key to everything” premise for the millionth time?

All of these cartoons have to have a kid in 'em. Once you accept that it’s a lot more fun.

I can do with there being a kid around, although I could also easily do without. I’m referring to this very specific trope.

This one?

I almost didn’t make it through the one-dimensional characterization, and the squad’s plot armor is impressively thick when they just charge into groups of enemies with blasters, but the world building of the Empire’s early days could be interesting. I’d say it’ll be great to watch the bad batch adjust to the changes, but I’m not confident they have anything deeper to offer than what we’ve already seen. I’d love to be wrong.

Completely agree. Also even though it’s the same voice actor, it didn’t sound anything at all like Rebel’s Kanan to me. So fail on all fronts — didn’t make him sound younger and whatever he did to the voice, it sounded different enough that I also I didn’t make the connection at all with the previous show and had to have it pointed out to me.

So, any guesses on when we will see Hondo?