Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Episode VIII


What if I told you that the last 3/4 episodes of season 2 are better than anything in Star Wars outside of Empire? Because that’s my stance. Just saying ;)

And the end of The Clone Wars is nearly every bit as good.


Now I’m not one of those folks who reflexively hates on the prequels - I find them inferior, for the record, to the ones I grew up on, but not childhood-raping abominations - but I’m not sure I can sit through several seasons of Anakin struggling against his impulses and destiny. I do like Obiwan though, I mean who doesn’t? So if he gets his fair share of screen time I can probably suck up the rest.


Trailer left me with a feeling of, “okay, and?”

Maybe I’m just fried from an unexpected day of daddy daycare, but all I remember seeing is something vaguely star wars shaped with one obvious hook that didn’t land all that hard for me.


Here’s a couple of good round-up articles:

That’s Kelly Marie Tran as “Rose” a Resistance mechanic.

This one has some nice images of behind the scenes relaxing, etc.


Ok, so I’m gonna suggest you read some of this thread between me and @Desslock then

and also my full critique which, for reasons, wound up in the thread about X-wing.

Qt3 Games Podcast: Craig Miller and X-Wing Miniatures

I give in depth analysis of what I think of the shows. And understand that I come at this from a joking, but only slightly, ‘the prequels? What prequels’ camp. It is the story of Anakin, but actually done well. He is a hero, conflicted at times, but hero still. None of the insufferable emo Annie of the dreadful Revenge of the Sith. So I can, whole heartedly, recommend watching both shows.

And my conclusion that you should watch at least one season of Clone Wars before watching Rebels? Yeah, definitely stand by that.

As for frequency? Anakin and Obi-Wan are the most common, but by far not in every episode. Maybe 2/3. It is an ensemble cast that may go off for a few episodes focusing on either a squad of clones, a crew of bounty hunters, Ahsoka on her own, the trials and training of young Jedi, even the politics of war where it is (usually Padme or Bail Organa) trying to negotiate, sometimes in secret, with various planets, or even the Separatists directly. So fear not, you won’t have to suffer through a stiff and unbelievable series of brooding ‘romantic’ dialogue with Anakin and Padme.


Man this teaser.

There’s something about these sequels that feels very Stars Warsy in a way that Rogue one doesn’t. @Telefrog said in the Rogue One thread that it went as far down as shot composition, and I short of agree. Watching this teaser I get a very specific sort of hype.

Also, it seems it will be much less of a rethread than TFA, which is good with me.

When does the real trailer come?


I’m pretty sure Luke is alluding to the balance in the Force (which is mentioned earlier). It’s a never-ending cycle. The Jedi come to power, then Sith come in and destroy everything and tons of people die, then the Jedi overthrow them, then the Sith come in and destroy everything again.

He’s saying there need to no longer be Jedi so then there will no longer be Sith and the galaxy can finally get out of the cycle. The old Jedi books are more proof of it, imo. It’s likely ancient histories going back who knows how long with that same repeating cycle.

Luke wants to break the cycle. End the Jedi and the Force will end the Sith to keep the balance.

I hope so, cause that’s some KOTOR2 levels of interesting shit when it comes to the Force and Jedi that KOTOR2 never got to really delve into it.


That can’t be it…no more Jedi or Sith means no more Star Wars movies…how ever will Disney turn a profit?!


Maybe what he means is that the light/shadow dichotomy must cease to exist. No more Jedi or Sith - just people using both sides of the Force. Does that make sense? If I understand well, that’s basically what Luke does in the Extended Universe - he ceases thinking of the Force in terms of light/shadow and refuses many of the values taught by the old Jedi.

Well, I guess we’ll know in a few months. ;)


I think that the statement is being taken out of context to generate buzz. It has succeeded.


That would be the prophecy about Anakin. If that’s what they mean, nice job for actually using the lore to move forward rather than the SW “see what I did there” mega-remix that was most of Ep7.


He brings balance to the force by having kids that use both sides.

I’ll accept that. That’s probably way more thought than Lucas put into it.


That prophecy never made sense to me.

As far as the Jedi knew, there were no more Sith, they hadn’t been seen in over a thousand years. Yet, they’re talking about bringing balance to the Force. The only “balance” that could come , from their point of view, is the death of the tons and tons of Jedi. And lo and behold, that’s exactly what ends up happening.


I think what people are saying is, but what if the Jedi got it wrong. What if by balance, it meant not a balance by numbers but a balance within the force users themselves? Instead of Jedi vs Sith and a constant cycle of death, you balance the force from within yourself. Perhaps the hubris of the Jedi believing that they were necessary to maintain a balance with the force, only served to continue the cycle of conflict. Maybe this inner balance is the end of the Jedi that Luke is speaking of.


If “the end of the Jedi” means “the end of Lucas’ weird binary adolescent morality,” I’m a thousand percent on board.


We’ve seen shades of that in various forms the last few years, which gives me hope. The significant muddying and mixing of light and dark in Clone Wars, and especially Rebels, how their writers are working closely with the movie division, plus things like Saw Gererra make me think this is entirely plausible.

Ok now I will give a brief, fairly spoiler free, discussion from season 3 of Rebels as to why I think this is probably the case. There were two major season long recurring threads that emphasized mixing light and dark. One is the Bendu, ‘the one in the middle’. Thematically he represents a rejection of ‘light vs dark’, and tries to influence the main characters away from adhering to rigid Jedi ideas.

The other is the Holocrons, Sith and Jedi, and how they are at one point brought together. This mixing leads to several side effects, but most notably is a major driver of character development and knowledge.

Considering the elements that have crossed over, and how it is a two way transferal, seeing these themes get brought into The Last Jedi would be entirely unsurprising. In fact it would be more shocking to me if they weren’t.


Ha, I thought the same thing. The Jedi were pretty thick to think the prophecy meant anything other than the Jedi taking a hit.

If I wanted to put some sort of spin on it, perhaps they were looking forward to not being the galaxy’s police force anymore.


Yeah, but the Jedi didn’t have the benefit of knowing they were in a movie. Not only that, but we already knew how the whole thing turned out. Remember they already had recognized problems with their ability to perceive the force - I forget the exact quotes, but Mace and Yoda discussed it in Phantom Menace. They knew forces were moving against them but couldn’t see any deeper than that. They probably thought this was the imbalance that would be corrected.


I think the Force = the Franchise.

Anakin brought balance to the Force in that there were 3 excellent films and then the ones featuring him were 3 terrible films.

Luke is now saying the franchise will now just contain good films. Not excellent ones, but merely good ones with perhaps one or two bad choices and minor flaws.


Yep. I have a six year old so we watch the prequels on a loop. In Episode 2, Mace says to Yoda “Maybe it’s time to tell the (senate/palpatine) that our ability to use the Force has been diminished.” Yoda says something to the effect of that this would alert all of their enemies, not just the Sith.