Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Episode VIII


Half the time I post online I’m sorry I did so.


Then your average is better than mine!


Oh my, hypes!


That trailer was basically just Star Wars Pictures,

Which I’m cool with. I was on board since I heard Rian Johnson was writing and directing.


I’m in. So in.


What we don’t know is if that line continues. ‘I know it is time for the Jedi to end… our hiding… the sith… this movie franchise… our reliance on swords in a gun universe… JJ Abrams stupid ‘mystery box’ style of plotting… the Batman’

Because depending on what (if any) the rest of the line is, it changes tone completely.


Oh! Here’s the poster from the Celebration:


I love that they added the call back to the original hidlebrandt poster in the movie AND on the new poster. Is that the first time that symbol has been in the universe or is that an established thing I’m not aware of?


This is the official Jedi symbol:

Edit: The symbol was from before the Disney purchase.


Are you refering to

The image in that time stamp?

The answer is yes, it does. A few times in Rebels or Clone Wars, though getting images of it is hard because it is fairly rare

But there you go ;)


Interesting trailer. Guess sort of a mix between a teaser and more of a full one. Clearly made to get SW fans buzzing. The big thing that will cause a billion tweets and forum posts for many months among the geek faithful is what does Luke mean by saying the Jedi must end.


“The Jedi are no more! From now on, we shall be known as . . . ‘the Knights who say Ni!’”


I didn’t even know the jedi had a symbol. I shall turn in my geek card. I am no longer worthy.


Oh damn! There’s an A-Wing that flashes by in the space battle scene!


Happy I watched this teaser, and now time for media blackout until the movie releases! This strategy worked great for Rogue One :-D


There are also two in the hangar deck during the explosion.


So, lightsaber “blade” thickness. I thought that the “thickness” of lightsabers seemed to have gotten greater and greater, as the movies and TV shows progressed. It’s interesting to see Rebels (which I haven’t watched) having the pencil-thin lightsabers that we saw in Episode IV.


I believe that’s because Rebels takes a lot of visual cues from Ralph McQuarrie’s original concept art, which had skinny, pointy sabers.


Not just thin, but also pointy

It’s subtle, for sure, but looks good in motion


This, more than anything else I’ve heard about Rebels, makes me want to watch it.