Stardew Valley - Indie Farm Game


Just picked this up. Getting good reviews and feedback.

Only played 30mins seems you inherit a farm and can then build a farmstead, mine, forage etc etc.

Available on steam as well.

Seems it will have up to 4 player coop added after release

Gog 2016

Not many Rune Factory style games on PC, looks sweet. How’s the ‘partial’ controller support?


I have only used the wasd control, never thought to try a controller, just fired it up and seems great, nice and simple and works well. Uses shoulder buttons etc to scroll through the inventory.


This was free or cheap awhile back before they got on Steam and so I checked it out, since I feel like I missed all the good Harvest Moon games or never had the right platforms to play them on, but this style of game seems appealing. I played a couple weeks into it. However, I had apparently not figured out the right way to make the girls like me–I tried giving them random objects and they always refused to take them. I think there was a Harvest Moon convention there that was never explained. Anyway, I got to a big event where I really needed to have a date and I didn’t have a good prospect. I think the game would have continued fine, but I felt like I had lost a lot of time. Story of my life, really… :)


I believe you’re thinking of World’s Dawn (or somesuch)… Stardew was never available before Steam but I can assure you it’s worth every penny.

Edit: Also, if you’re on the fence and want to see some gameplay before blowing coin here’s my “test drive” video:


Is there a place to store things on the farm? I feel like there must be a way, and I’m just missing it.


You have to build a chest and put it in your house.


Is strategy necessary to be successful, or is this a timesink type of game where you can do things without too much thought and progress just fine?


First thing I do is get 50 wood and make a chest, put it outside where you’ll be working


There’s plenty to do but nothing is really required. The days pass quickly though and you can miss out on several scripted/calendar events like birthdays and festivals but you’re never required to do any of the social stuff. You will need to strategize a bit if you want to make money and expand your farm but it’s mostly just a matter of choosing crops and where to put them. You can make money doing other things as well so you don’t even need to farm if you don’t want or maybe just a bit of gardening while making money fishing or mining is more your style… lots of optional choices


Oops, yep. There was another thread about this where I actually managed to make the distinction and recommend World’s End.


Do you need worms/bait to fish? I see worms at the fishing store but can not figure out how to buy them.

Is there a shortcut key to get back to your farm (I could not find one).

How do you unequip an item? I want to walk around without hitting the ax etc and wasting energy.


Thanks for the info GuildBoss.


Gave it a go; it’s okay.

I think ‘partial’ means you still need the keyboard to type occasionally, like naming things when starting a game. There are a couple of weird things, like start and a face button do the same thing, and the stick moves a mouse cursor in menus rather than have a highlight controlled with the stick or dpad. It’s perfectly functional though.

A couple of odd things - the diagonal movement feels slow, and I couldn’t work out how to cancel a purchase. When you buy something it attaches to the cursor and you then have to drop it into the inventory. If the game won’t let you cancel out of that, why even have that intermediary step?


You don’t need worms or bait to fish and you can only add them to the better fishing rods. There’s nowhere to put them on your starting bamboo rod. The bait makes the fish bite faster, but fishing without bait doesn’t stop them biting.

There is not a shortcut key to get back to your farm. It’s a time management game, so you have to run everywhere. It would be nice if they had an autorun key to make you run back to your farm though, just for the sake of my laziness.

You can unequip by clicking on an empty space, or pressing the shortcut key for an empty space. If your backpack is full then I tend to just click on the fishing rod. Occasionally I accidentally rod people in the face, but I do that in real life too.


Love the Harvest Moon games and Rune Factory, never did Animal Crossing though. These are the primary reasons I still buy Nintendo platforms on occasion actually…

So the reviews on this are pretty awful (looking at you PC gamer) and lacking much info. Are the controls for PC really annoying, like it feels forced. I already know about the MP part being pushed back, but from what I am reading there is a lot of content. Does anyone know if there is an ending… like the first Harvest Moon had a hard end point, but is this one more like you can work the story as you want?


Steam reviews are good, website feedback is also good. Game is good really. Been a longtime since a review in any one mag has put me off buying any game. Controls are fine I am using KB and Mouse.

Have to admit my younger son is loving it, he’s already asked if he could wake me up at 6am tomorrow so we could play it again :D


I have to say that my fingers and wrist are hurting a bit after playing awhile with the keyboard and mouse.

I also noticed that the auto save does not always work (there was a complaint on the steam forums as well). Even when the game states that there was a save not so much (steam forums do say that if you level than the auto save seems not to work so play one additional day to force the save - not sure if that is a good workaround or not).

I am enjoying the game so far but think I will have to play in smaller snippets if my hands/wrist keep aching. Probably just me starting to feel my age. :)


The PC Gamer review was disappointing, both in content and score.

There is a primary goal (I wont spoil it) that you can achieve and there’s some sort of end-game celebration and evaluation but you don’t have to stop playing. The estimate is 40+ hours and 2 calendar years to reach that point but it can be done quicker if you do a speed run of sorts. Either way, you don’t have to quit and can just keep on living your country life!


If you like the Harvest Moon games I can’t imagine you not liking this. It’s very much in that vein.

I’m actually liking it more than the last Harvest Moon I played. There seems to be less hand-holding and more options on what you can do early on.