Stardew Valley - Indie Farm Game


Save your quartz crystals, you will need them for the middle tier sprinkler. I didn’t know I would need them and sold bunches of them. In fact, there was a lot that pissed me off because I sold so many items that seemed useless only to wish I had kept them later on.


I did that too! Turns out that Refined Quartz is really easy to find from:


Sticking the quartz you find in the mines in a furnace, or putting the trash you find fishing in the recycler (which I believe unlocks at Fishing 4).

(Mechanics spoiler, not a story spoiler at all)



The recycling machine is all sorts of awesome for this.


Oh gosh, yes.


6-8 crab pots in the little farm pond by the house and 4 recyclers is freaking awesome. Plenty of no-effort fish for fertilizer, quartz, and a surprising amount of coal.


Content patch incoming!

More late-game content
New farm buildings
New crops
New artisan goods
New advanced farming/producing mechanics
Shane and Emily will be marriage candidates. They will also have more events and dialogue as a result.
More marriage content for all spouses
More events for the non-marriage NPC’s
Improvements/Additions to mining and combat
Ability to move buildings and other convenience features
More bug fixes
More secrets
More small, fun touches to the world

And it’s good to hear that coop multiplayer is actively being worked on. Good stuff coming!


Ooh, yay!


Agreed. I might be over excited for MP, but I really just want to see what he came up with for that… extra content on top of that will just make it more fun to play again.


I’m pretty sure partial support mostly means you need a keyboard hooked up to enter text and stuff like that.


Hmm, looking at that farm from that picture, I build very differently. I just do a large industrial setup. I have made zero effort to make it pretty, just efficient. It would also be nice for a respec option. I chose crops growing 10% faster rather than artisan. I read that the 10% was applied to each stage, and in reality was closer to 50% faster. However, in practice it just seems to shave 1 day off crop growth which sucks. Id rather get 50% for artisan goods.


It’s trivial to respec by editing your save file, if you want to go down that route. I made the same pick and switched it when I realized how dumb it was.


This is now available on OS X and Linux. Considering my primary travel machine is OS X, it’s good news for me.


Some information about the upcoming 1.1 update. New farm layouts, new buildings, new prospective spouses, new furniture, and for those who have problems trying to stop playing the game… coffee.


Oh boy, I wonder if should I play is in the meantime or wait for the big update?


I’m waiting. It’s a month or so, and I’m busy with other games right now, so I’ll wait.


I played (and enjoyed) the bejeezus out of this, but I think it’s too soon for me to fire it up again. I look forward to replaying in a year or so after this and hopefully another patch or two.


Update 1.1 will go live on Monday, October 3rd.


Awesome news. My kids will also be super excited. :)


Well your kids have excellent taste!


There is no higher praise for a dad gamer than to hear that his children have good taste in games! :)

They watched me playing it a couple nights and basically started begging me to get it for them. Since they didn’t have a gaming PC yet (they’re still pretty young yet), I had to put one together mostly from parts I had left over from my last upgrade. But, totally worth it, since my kids are now playing indie PC games. :)


That’s pretty awesome. Both my nephews are tablet gamers (the clicky kind). I am not sure I can get them interested in a console let alone something near a desk.