Stardew Valley - Indie Farm Game


Nope. :(


I heard the long save times were patched in to combat save file corruption and other save issues on the consoles.

Or rather, the lengthy times are a side effect of the method used to fix those issues. I don’t remember the PC version taking long at all.


More content, for MP and SP, so happiness all around I hope.


I’ve been considering getting this on the Switch, but the long save times would really annoy me. According to the patch notes, save times were improved in the last patch (29th of November).

Players should see a significant improvement on save times! Also, the saving screen is now animated.

How are things now?


It’s quite a bit better but they sometimes can be longer. It saves at the end of the game day and takes 15-20 seconds. It’s not nearly as annoying as before and I definitely wouldn’t let that prevent you from getting the game.


Great news! Thanks.


Wait is someone here doing something other than buying Stardew Valley right now? Because that’s foolish at best.


Well, to be fair, it’s “buying it again” in my case, so ending up with a sub-par experience would be annoying. But 20 seconds sounds like a good compromise for a portable version.

Who knows, playing it in bed might lead to going to sleep earlier, but that seems like wishful thinking.


Hey, that’s exactly what I use it for and it works well because the day end save points are very natural times for turning the game off.


I have no played yet, but I will probably do so soon.


Multiplayer? Interesting. This would really help as a great parent/kid and kid/kid game if so. I felt it got gamey at times trying to get everything done solo, so I’m wondering if the difficulty is changed at all for multiplayer?

I’m also really glad to see how well Chucklefish is doing.


So I played a couple of hours tonight.

I started a new game, as soon as I got to the farm, i invited my coop friend, and she joined the game. There are some misunderstandings I think about how to start since so many think it’s LAN only. It’s not. I didn’t see a way to invite her before the game started though so I am not sure if that was purposeful or not but, I just used Steam as an invite.

Money is shared. She got a little hut on my farm, as a farmhand, quests are separate, leveling is separate, and you can do independent stuff or work together. It’s not as integrated as I hoped but it’s still fun, oh and you have to go to sleep at the same time so that’s kind of funny.

To deal with the game basically being easier you can drop your profit margin to 75% or 50% or less. I think we should have dropped it more but yeah I can see this doing well with kids who maybe wouldn’t do it on their own but still like it.


We just spent all day with 3 of us playing side by side (3 different pcs). Was great fun but this beta build has a lot of bugs that made us stop. Something caused the game to give us 1 frame every 30 seconds,and completely kill the game. Be careful because it has nothing to do with multiplayer, as my friend loaded up his old single player game and it was having the same issue immediately.


I read about the bugs. We did not encounter any, but the joining the game piece didn’t seem that intuitive and I accidentally wound up with an extra cabin because I counted myself for the cabin count which is… fine. It’s not that much space.



The Onion takes on Stardew Valley:


Haha, that’s cool. I wonder if ConcernedApe found that amusing.


I still have yet to go back to the game after getting a bit too min/max engrossed while playing it by myself. I’m wondering if now would be a good time to rope in my fiance. She would love so much about this game.


On PC, now seems as good as time as any. MP is in and there was a fair amount of content that came with it. For console, the update is still pending, and I would wait for that if they haven’t played yet.


We are both on PC. I’ll see if I can’t get her to try it with me. Thanks, Nesrie!