Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot


How did you pronounce this in your head btw? I always read it as Mermermer.


I haven’t played Star Control, but I’d think the obvious answer here is that fans can make mods for the races that Stardock isn’t legally allowed to use.


I go with “murnhurm”


IANArmando, but I always went with “Mermer-rim”



My race is more pronouncably called the Vandross. They almost certainly didn’t murder their biological creators and take over the planet.


Almost certainly, eh? I like those odds!


One of my favorite moments in Star Control 2 was finding the Chenjesu and the Mmrnmhrm, and finally getting all I needed for them to join the fleet with their new combined-race ships, reportedly specially designed by the two races to fight the Urquan threat. I hadn’t even played Super-Melee at that point, which was a separate executable. So the new ships were a complete surprise to me, and well worth the build-up and the wait. Honestly, they weren’t super strong either, were they? It’s not as if they were as good as the Chenjesu ships or the Mmrnmhrm ships in certain circumstances. But those orbiting point defense satellites and that badass short range beam laser? God, that felt so badass if you could close with the enemy ship and let them have it.

Bzzzzzzzzttt Beam laser slicing the Ur-quan and Kor-ha ships. So satisfying. And yet, so hard to do if the enemy pilot is competent and stays out of the range of your beam laser. You had to try to do your best to use planets to slingshot close to the enemy and hope they didn’t notice your maneuver.


Probably not. I was just responding to Nightgaunt’s post where he said “online functionality, etc.” with a general rant about MP in SP games.


Ah, got it. I agree with the rant, fwiw. I believe the online online functionality they’re talking about at this point is the sharing of mods. That said, who knows about what may come down the pipe.


New Star Control dev journal is here with some screenshots and new info on development. :)


At which point do Founders get access? I’m one of the oddball Founders from Servo so I don’t know if that makes a difference.


Our original release date was going to be November 2017. That’s exactly 25 years from the release of Star Control 2 (The Ur-Quan Masters). Some design changes we made have extended the development time (which I’ll be talking more about soon) but we will be releasing the Super Melee beta in time for the anniversary.

Looks like “Super Melee” is some sort of skirmish mode, maybe?


Sounds like the spaceship battle portion of the original. I think that was also called Super Melee.




I’ll be talking about this more in the near future.

Fundamentally, because we are already very experienced at building ship designers, it made sense to bring this to Star Control so that each alien race doesn’t have to fly around in a single ship.

Similarly, I think a lot of the love of Star Control comes from the feeling that you’re in a galaxy that has been lived in for a long time. So much of what we’ve talked about crafting and such is already done and in the game. It was a pre-requisite to having lots of interesting places to visit, aliens to meet, items to find, etc.

When the player finishes the base game, they can take their ship and travel to other universes or continue with other adventures. I picture every ship being unique to that player…

…which mean every ship is going to look like the @#$@ Enterprise but still, it’ll be interesting to see people share different locations with each other since everyone is living in the same universe. (i.e. if you go to coordinates 4251,2925 and go to the third planet and it’s second outermost moon and have the “enhanced” or better thruster on your lander you’ll see there’s a plateau in the polar region that you can reach and then converse with an alien who will give you a Precursor shield for your landers that if you use to givist 9042,45 you can now land on the rainbow world safely.

That sort of thing is only possible because we are building all the quest, building stuff in game instead of having it all done in Maya, 3D studio. The stuff we can create, you can create.

There’s going to be a lot of new news this month. Stay tuned.


BTW, in case anyone wonders why we’ve been so quiet on this, it’s because we’ve been waiting until this stuff is in game and works before talking. :)


Molyneux would like to talk to you about hiring on a new marketing director ;)


Sir there is nothing wrong with the @#$&ing Enterprise.


I spent nearly a hundred bucks on Star Trek Online just for the privilege of flying the @#&@ Enterprise. But then it’s entirely possible I have a problem.


But which Enterprise?