Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot


The thing is, it’s not consistent; some do and some don’t. I wonder if there’s a rhyme and reason to it.


Yeah, the ship I’m talking about, the one with the tractor beam and biological heavy hitting main gun, that ship’s crew gets replenished when I go to Earth, so presumably it’s one that humans can pilot.

Maybe they have on deep background somewhere which ships can be piloted by humans and which can’t.

What’s surprising is that these ships, I can’t find them in Fleet-battles mode. Maybe they’ll get unlocked as I play through the main campaign? Or maybe not. It’s all very mysterious.


It wasn’t obvious to me at first but you can add notes to systems on the map. Very helpful for labeling interesting things.


I figure all the ships I find wrecked on planets must have human crews when I use them unless it is an ally race’s ship type, then I could see it being a crew of those aliens. I doubt a bunch of scryve decided to pilot this battlecruiser for me. I’ll be sad when it finally is dead.


Even with the new rtx 2080 when I get into a storm system on a planet there is a noticeable drop.


Star Control: Origins - it’s the new Crysis


It is fairly isolated to that though from what I’ve experienced. I was also running at 4k on a 1070 and it was performing well outside of those times.


My 1060 at 1080p performs fine. Planets with heavy storm activity definitely bring it down quite a bit, but it’s playable (just), although what it’s putting up on the screen certainly shouldn’t bring any modern GPU to its knees at any resolution really.


I found the colony. Apparently I skipped a planet the last time I visited the system.

It goes from 100+ fps down into 30s and 20s in the storm. Also noticed it drops a bit in hyperspace into the 40s.


A patch to make some of us very happy is live now…

The game now remembers the systems and planets you have visited and faded down the star graphic in the minimap and sector map. Labels are also faded and the line becomes green vs yellow for those visited.

also nice:

Planet scan screen now shows a count of the value of minerals on the right-hand side above the minerals list.

Added message for when you scan a low-value planet


Excellent news.


Yesssss. I can’t wait to continue my exploration tonight.

Last night I did run into a bug though. I ran into a race called the M’kay or something, and they wanted to hide with my fleet. But I didn’t have enough fleet points to take them with me. So I got a message saying they’ll stay right there and I can come back for them. This happened earlier in the game too with another race, and in that instance I went back and got more fleet points and came back for them. But in this case, the M’kay ship just disappeared. So there’s nothing to come back for.


Cool - I kind of slowed down my own play through to give some bug fixes time to get placed, and I think I’m ready to dive back in, as it were.

Edit: wait, is there really a race called the M’kay?



That patch will be very helpful. I can’t wait to try it out!


Now I feel a bit bad for sloppy copy & paste…

The game now remembers the systems and planets you have visited and faded down the star graphic in the minimap and sector map. Labels are also faded and the line becomes green vs yellow for those visited. This change is not retroactive.

Not a problem for me though.


Sorry for being away a few days. I was on SCO so long that Stardock’s software business needed some love. I’ll be catching up and answering questions. Lots of cool stuff coming up!


The idea here was that these ships are supposed to be a finite resource. I suspect we will end up creating a separate HP vs. CREW display in the future to make this more clear. But the idea is you’re salvaging the ships but they’re kind of on their last legs.


Makes sense. I just don’t want to lose that battlecruiser ;)


Some of you saw that v1.01 has gone live. We will probably be doing a v1.02 to add more quality of life improvements based on feedback.

I mentioned to Tom that it would almost be worthwhile to have a QT3 “early access” group because some of the things mentioned here are things that are super-easy to address (<1 hour) but never came up during the Founders beta. Not their fault but rather because of the demographic of founders (a little bit more hard-core).

Even the “pin system” was added very late and we almost didn’t have an auto-fight module fearing it was “dumbing down” the game.

The 1.02 stuff is expected to include things like:

  • More details on what weapons do before equipping
  • More details on the role of a given ship that you’ve found so you have a better idea of whether it’s worth using in battle (depending on the enemy).
  • Tons of little UI improvements. I’m not sure if @tomchick has had a chance to play much but this is the kind of stuff he tends to like too. But as the game expands into more of the “open universe” experience we need to add a lot more player UX features to make it not just easier but more fun.

I’ll be posting a lot more shortly on that as more players finish the initial adventure.


Case in point!

And mind you, these ships are all relatively small compared to the Dreadnought, Juggernaught, Motherships which you once in awhile run into. Eventually (in the future) you will have fleets of those that will require a different battle mode (i.e. Starfleet battles style) but right now, in 2088, only the Scryve can put out a >400 meter ship and you only see a couple of those.