Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot


They are added to your fleet if there’s space left in your command cap. Otherwise, they’re added to the queue of “purchasable” ships at starbases. They will show up as costing 0RU,like other freebie vessels


I wish there was a way to toggle the AI off mid fight.


Until the AI gets better at fighting I don’t see how someone using it can complete the game. The first time they run into a major scryve ship, their progress will be halted.


The AI module confuses me. I assumed - like any auto-resolve in a game - that it’s there to skip easy battles that aren’t worth fighting, but if it’s too effective then surely it just becomes a win button? Surely there has to be some risk to using it with harder battles. I mean I’ve never used it, I enjoy the combat, so I’m not sure whether that’s the intention.


I get your point. And actually, if memory serves, the ship combat in SC:O is easier than SC2. I grabbed the AI module because I could. OTOH lately I want to jump into fights, but I can’t. And I want it for when I just don’t feel like handling it myself. Like I said, I with it had a toggle. @Brad_Wardell


I would expect that as well, and there are fights where it wins outright, others where it loses some ships and still wins, and then there are cases where it gets completely wiped and you have to load a save and go again. There are some fights though right now that I think no matter how many times you reload a save the AI would lose every time. There are also ship loadouts that seem to confuse it, for example if you have a phasor, which is described as a defensive weapon, and hyper nukes it will completely ignore the fact it has those nukes and try to close distance with the enemy and hit it with the phasor.


Definitely sounds like it needs some work, but perhaps a better description of it might be helpful. Something along the lines of “Hand control of battles over to an unpredictable AI that you can completely rely on to win every time. That’s what it says on the box, but that doesn’t seem very likely. Use at your own risk!”


Is there a reason to NOT sell are your minerals? I just wonder why there is a sell all commons button, implying that things like gold, silver, and other rare types might be useful elsewhere.


Some missions / things you find require you to supply a certain amount of a certain mineral. Apparently, although I’ve not found it yet, at least one of these involves one of the common minerals, which is just enough to give me selling paralysis! However, I think Brad assures us that there’s no shortage of anything that’s required, but if you just sold it then you might find it a bit annoying.


Is there a way to locate a planet on the galactic map? I have a quest to go to some colony world to stop it from being attacked. My autopilot says I do not have enough fuel. I have not found a fuel upgrade yet. Anway, maybe I could find fuel on the way, but I can’t figure out where the colony is.

Also, is there a way to delete map notes?


If you select the target option for a system, one of the options is to clear it.

And no, I don’t believe you can search for a planet on the sector map, just systems.


is there a way to search for systems in the galactic map?


The only way I know is in the sector map interface.


I played this over the weekend and here are my thoughts so far…

  1. Gathering minerals is boring as hell. I am limiting myself to value 20 or better minerals.

  2. With the above in mind, those super rich planets that have like 50+ node that only yield 1 to 3 minerals each really suck.

  3. Melee combat sucks, (or at least I do). The AI sucks slightly less. I think one of the issues is the floatiness of the ships. IIRC, from star control 1 and 2, even those big ships like the chenzu dreadnaught and the mycon ship seem nimble compared to many of these ships. Also the original star control ships had a lot of flavor and were very unique. In contrast these new ships seem very generic.

  4. I have decided to upgrade my main ship for combat as much as possible. This seems to be the most effective strategy. My escort ships are somewhat worthless, they die like crazy and it doesn’t help that you can’t get crew for them at earth.

  5. Maybe I am getting old, but I would like a bit more hand-holding. Many times, in the early game, I just wandered around. Sure I had objective X, but that was out of my range. (Did SC2 have fuel as a concept?) It might make a bit of sense that the precursor stations know where each other are. At the very least, they could give you a map of them, then you know if you head out to the void you will be able to re-fuel instead of just crossing your fingers.

  6. I am probably over half way on allying the races. I hope this is just chapter 1 of many chapters, if not, this will be a very forgettable game.

  7. Some nice to haves: When you get a mission for something, automatically add a waypoint icon on the sector map with a note about the mission it is for. How about a fuel scoop to get fuel at stars or, why aren’t there NPC space stations all over? How is every other ship running around, it seems, without concern for fuel? Better weapon descriptions would be nice. I have the super-nuke, how does it compare to the black-hole missile? Why can’t I buy more than 4 economy filters for my lander? If I have the tech for it, let me buy as many as I want.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ve passed it on to Chris (our lead writer).


I think the particle system still needs a bit more optimization. They’re working on it and the upcoming Vulkan version will make it go away entirely.


No need to worry about it. Your First Officer noted it for you. :)


Yes. Just go to your map and type it into the search bar.




Noticed a new patch, today:


  • Quasi-Degenerate world toxicity decreased slightly.
  • A couple of the starting planets have more resources.
  • Yttrick Planet is wealthier
  • Actinide planets are richer.
  • Opalescent planet class is richer with better minerals (it’s a pretty rare planet and it’s so pretty).
  • Sapphire planets have more mineral spawn points.
  • Added some new mineral spawn points for craters.
  • Reduced difficulty of Scryve Juggernaut (non-boss) and Xraki boss battles.
  • Your allies recognize the threat better and will share ships with you more cheaply.
  • Lowered damage of planetside Drones
  • Cloud hazards do less damage but have a larger area of effect
  • Boosted AI fleet coordinator
  • Great Void starbase and Drakend starbases now have a fuel module to buy.
  • Star labels of visited systems are greyed out in the sector map list.
  • Tweaked the “visited system” label colors.
  • Slight camera improvement for the lander.
  • Reduced the number of critters and hazards on Organic worlds

Bugs / Perf.

  • Fixed crashes reported by users
  • Reduced Memory usage while saving
  • Fix for the Menkmack Ear Schemer not being spawned if you come by this quest from another direction
  • Fixed for low machines crashing on planets with heavy visual effects (e.g. Venus)
  • Improved perf of the end battle on low machines
  • Improved perf for worlds with lots of vegetation.