Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot


Nooo! I hate picking up minerals in craters… bounce, bounce… It’s better if you can get the timing right and jump over them, of course.

They still need to improve performance on planets with lightning storms, those really tank my framerate down into the single digits, so much that I tend to avoid even landing on them now.


Drakend have starbases?


Apparently so, lol


I finished the game, and I don’t think I ever ran into one of those. I guess I should fly around some more. I think I’d found 9 or so of the others.


How slightly is slightly?


I’m guessing “will kill your lander crew in 10 seconds instead of 5,” but that’s just a guess, lol


Yeah. They eat landers like popcorn.


For people that have gone pretty far into the game or finished:

Has anyone ever found a module to go into the sensor slot at the front of the ship? I made it to the end without ever finding something that goes there.


I have not made it very far into the game and have some item that increases my view range by 100% Bought it from the spy traders I believe.

  • Reduced difficulty of Scryve Juggernaut (non-boss) and Xraki boss battles.

Squid ships made these battles trivial in the first place, though.

Yes, but it’s not really at that.


Yes, that was how I dealt with them. circle around dumping ink to wipe out the shield generators, and then just keep getting it to run through ink to wear it down.


Are you supposed to get access to squid ships early on? The selfish buggers never gave me a crew member or a ship, and I’ve yet to find one after 13 hours so far. I just met a Skryve battlecruiser and… well, I reloaded an earlier save! One shot death, ouch (I was down a bit on crew admittedly).


Yes, if you complete some missions for them, they’ll become allies and you can then ask them for ships or pay for them through the recruiting interface.


I also picked up their ink weapon from a crashed ship, which was handy


Hmm, I never understood what the ink did. I just used the space fish on the bosses to take out the force field generators. Then the fish would die to the boss and from that point I would use my main ship (which I used for most every combat of the game) with the super-nuke and phaser point defense. It was quite trivial to kill the bosses that way.


I believe the most confusing thing about this game is that there is no reputation in the game. So the game will throw hordes of ships at you while you are trying to get to a race’s homeworld to make contact with them and maybe ally with them. It took me a while to resolve the Drenkend because I thought I was messing things up by killing so many of their ships. But once you do what you need to get them to stop shooting they just stop with no mention of the men and material you cost them.


I’m not that far yet, but it makes sense. Drenkend are just all clones that are thrown into the meatgrinder, after all.


And not very smart ones at that!

I met my first Drenkend the other day, but the game keeps crashing on me when I go to the fleet battle. I get about 30 seconds into it and the screen freezes but the game keeps going in the background (including all the sound effects). Did it three times in a row now, although I had it happen once before early in the game (and on reload it was fine).


Not sure if you guys saw this but you might find the Zero Punctuation Review of Star Control: Origins pretty entertaining. :)


It’s pretty rare when I don’t find things to laugh at in his reviews, what’s amazing since he hates almost everything he reviews is that he gave this a thumbs up. You can count the number of times he does that per year on one hand.