Starfield -- Spacey Spoilers Symposium - Starfield Spoiler Salon

This is the home for spoileriffic discussion of Starfield. Non-spoilery discussion is going on here, but wanted to create this so that folks who want to keep their universe exploration safe from unwanted reveals can feel comfortable in the main topic.

Please use the spoiler tag judiciously! Whenever possible include a brief description too like “Spoilers regarding Planet P," particularly in the first week or so.

Spoilers regarding planet Earth

Just kidding

Oh never mind they already revealed that Earth was in the game. I thought that was supposed to be a mystery.

I like the sci-fi aesthetics, but I think the gameplay will have a betrayal of the aesthetics by including high fantasy elements. So in the end, instead of a Hard Sci-fi quest, this will be a bug-hunt or a high fantasy.

How many death stars will there be in Starfield I wonder.

That’s no moon…

What the freaking hell do you have to blast to free the object at the beginning. jeezus.

Should be a quick blast, and then iirc I had to move towards it

After blasting off a bit of rock, you may notice “press A to take” in small text on the screen - it took me a hot minute to see it, but I’m glad it sounds like I’m not the only one whose eyes may have glazed over it.

Hahaha, I came here to ask the same thing. It’s the equivalent of getting stuck in the opening cutscene. Thanks guys!

“Terrormorph”, huh? Is this gonna be another bug hunt?

I’m on the first planet after the starter one, Kreet, and am really quite enjoying this! Obviously I’m ignoring the primary objective to check out the other stuff.

(old man) Read your old-schol science fiction! Remember, it’s not fantasy if you call it psionics.

So digipicks, I guess I did t read it closely, and the parts can potentially solve more than one section so you need to pay attention and look for se cation that it solves exactly. I’ll be back little safe.

Yeah, they seem to be nested but you can see all parts of the lock, and choose the pick that fits best and won’t fit anywhere else. I kinda like it, beats doing the old hairpin and clip combo yet again.

It’s sorta disturbing that’s such a glaring issue. It’s literally one of the very first things you do in the game. I know MS user-tests the hell out of their games. I gotta imagine a ton of testers ran into the same thing.

I don’t know if it was just lost in the clutter of white and the mineral, or where it was on the screen. I thought pressing a didn’t work the first time I tried, but pressing after moving closer worked for me.

Holy shit, I just had a wild ride of a mission. I decided to take an early detour and join the UC Vanguard. Easy enough, you sign a form, pass a flight sim battle, swear an oath, do a milk run probationary mission … that turns out to very much not be a milk run. It’s intense - game over man, game over!

Theres a way to travel to the planet that is infront of you, or you can see a marker in the stars, and is not well explained by the game:

Maybe I should have posted that in the other thread. I am a bit everywhere at the moment.

Yea, I know in the Gold Age of the science fiction they use to include that. Not happy about it.

Yep not a spoiler, so should be in the other thread. Many people won’t read this one at all for the first week or so, wanting to go in completely fresh.