Starship Troopers: Terran Command

Out in 2020 we have a Starship Troopers RTS, which looks heavy on the tower defence:

I’m from Buenos Aires and I say… that looks rather fun, despite the boring desert planet. They did Order of Battle too - anyone know how that was?

I would like to know more.

Actually, I’m lying, it’s probably going to be terrible

Order of Battle is an excellent Panzer General style wargame. If they can make this an excellent They Are Billions style game I am all in.

I am intrigued.

“C’mon, you sons of bitches! Do you want to live forever?”

I will be right behind anybody who drops first. I promise.

I’m doing my part! Or, uh, I will do my part when this is released! Or, uh, something like that.

Good point. Any popular new indie game will spawn some clones. I didn’t play They Are Billions but this theme could be cool…

…on Game Pass a few months after release.

The only good bug is a dead bug.

I always felt Infested Planet gave that Starship Troopers feel (sorta).

Agreed. Pretty close, at least.

I wonder how much they had to pay to tie it to the movie.

Oh maaaan! I’m soooooo in! Strategy game by the order of battle folks, AND those graphics! They soooo made this for me!

The true sequel the movie always deserved.

Anyone here ever play the Avalon Hill boardgame from the 70’s/80’s? (can’t remember which decade)

i did - all i can remember is MIA/KIA or some such. Loved it though, I recall.

Yes i loved that game despite having to use graph paper as the bugs. The inclusion of the skinnys in the campaign made me feel like i was playing the book!

I owned it along with Blitzkrieg and a bunch of others. Even had that outdoor survival game. The one thing that stands out was having a tactical nuke. Also, I think there was a hidden movement system on a paper hex pad but I might be mixing things up. Brings back the memories.

Bet this will be quite buggy on release.

groan!!! lol

Oh hell yeah. Played the hell out of it. Still have it too. That game should be made into a PC game, and I mean point for point, no messing with the quality.