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Banned from Steam altogether or banned from Counter Strike VAC servers?

True story. I was getting quite addicted to Chivalry Medieval Warfare to the point I decided I had to do something about it. I tried hiding it within my Steam library but that wasn’t enough. I bit the bullet and downloaded Cheat Engine knowing full well I’d get caught. Sure enough 1 day later I’m banned from Chivalry VAC servers. I suppose if I lost my Steam account I would give up PC gaming for good.


Getting VAC banned not only borks you from CS:GO, it kills your account for all MP games that use Steam VAC. You can still play other games, just not VAC-enabled ones.


Is it wrong that I’m insanely enjoying reading this?

Oh, who am I kidding, I don’t care if it is.


I never cheat, but I was once banned from a game that used “Punk Buster” and I have no idea why. I could no longer play the game MP, and I had no way to rectify the issue. I don’t even remember what game it was, some pre-cursor to all these Player Unknown/H1z1 type games out there now days.

I’d hate to be accidentally banned from something I actually care about if there’s really no way to get someone to fix their mistake.


My first thought upon reading this. I mean, over 40,000 bans and not one was a mistake? That’s some amazing automated software.


Don’t abandon us, Brother. FOR THE ORDERRRRR!!! :D


Heh too late. I do miss the retarded synergy of the voices especially the men at arms’ laugh. The only other game that made me chuckle like that was Tribes.


I know someone who got a VAC ban like 6 years ago when he was 14. The social stigma that it presents is pretty lasting among certain gaming communities.


Some of those bans would occur by just having Cheat Engine or something else that “We do not like you running other applications on your computer while you’re also running our game.” VAC/or similar dislike. I seem to recall there were some singleplayer games in the past that also deployed VAC (think they might have removed it since). Would it also trigger during MP matches with bots or private servers? Seeing as they have banned 40k, it would seem that they have ‘gathered’ a lot of bans to process latter down the road, meaning you could’ve been flagged months ago and only now being “punished” for running an application?

More a fan of “fairplay” or whatever the hell they called it, that analyzed your performance on the server-side. That way you’re not forced to run a rootkit (like EAC) just for playing a game and they can still beat themselves on the chest for having “anti haxx0r tech™” that sometimes ban cheaters and the unfortunate innocent player (that will never be believed, because anti-cheat tech never make false positives, unlike anti-virus and anything else reliant on heuristics and guesstechmates. )


I think that’s actually the situation which triggered VAC on those games. These weren’t true SP games, but rather primarily MP games being played with bots and hacks which could set it off (Black Ops, for instance). Mind, I’m sure the vast majority of accounts deserve the bans they got, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see a handful who were swept up with innocent situations like the above.

As for my own experience? I once got banned from a private server MANY years back - thankfully not the game - because I had a ridiculous string of kills (I was sniping people from favorite hiding spots on a map I’d played a million times). The reason given for the ban was “cheating.” Kinda pissed me off because I’d never do such a thing, but I also realized my killing spree likely wasn’t too fun for everyone else and moved on.


A question to which I assume the answer is “no” but I’m hoping for “yes” -

Has Valve provided a way to click a button and show remaining DLC for all the titles I already own? I have “more than a few” games on Steam, and I’d rather not spend the year or two it would take to check each individual title.


Yes and no…ish. :)

I don’t think Valve has anything, but you can do it on SteamDB - but I think only for things that are on sale. Maybe that’s good enough? Maybe someone else knows another way…

Go here:

Set ‘filter by type’ to ‘DLCs for owned games’, and click ‘hide owned games’ (though it will show these in a different colour anyway, as well as your wishlisted items if you install their browser extension).

Note of course you do have to connect your Steam account to SteamDB.

edit: I think it actually needs the browser extension to be able to hide your owned titles


DOTA2 reign of terror is over!


Nice. Well past due.


Keys can now be activated on the web!


Such a small but welcome change!


holy shit, finally


I wish the Steam wishlist would separate released and unreleased titles, and or let you sort by release date.


Enhanced steam allows this, if you use Steam via a browser.


Not here it don’t :(

Edit - oh you mean it shows release dates in the list. That is helpful, thanks :)