Steam numbers


The wishlist definitely could use a functionality pass - like giving me a heads up on the front page if one of my wishlisted titles was on sale. Actually just put my wishlist in a column on the front page and not hide it behind that tiny button I always forget about.


You’re supposed to get an email when a wishlisted title is on sale but it does seem kind of sporadic.


I forgot about that - I turned it off during the steam sale because my inbox was just being spammed with them.


I wish Steam would let you order Achievements by date earned. It seems like such an obvious thing. I continue to be surprised that they haven’t added it. Doesn’t anyone working for Valve ever want to see which Achievements they’ve recently earned in a game?

Or is that already in there and I just don’t see how to do it?


You can see the dates when you compare with a friend, but I’ve never seen a way to sort by it.


Steam is three games. Really.

Ok, not literally, but…

Pubg, CS and Dota 2 together are more played all other >10000 games on Steam.


Imagine only playing one game.


I have a friend who plays CSGO daily, since release, thousands of hours played. He has like 16 games owned on Steam.

Sometimes you really do find the perfect game.


Apparently the Chinese are enthralled with PUBG - so much so that Steam’s hardware survey numbers will take years to self-correct. It looks like Chinese players like Windows 7 & Intel.


Lol, +22% in the last quarter for Win7.


Most of the top Twitch PUBG streamers are Chinese.


Not for long if the announced ban on PUBG in China for being contrary to socialist values is meaningfully enforced. Or at least people may be afraid to stream on twitch.


The interesting thing about this development is that for the first time a single non-Valve game is dominating Steam. Before this the strange paradox of Steam was that despite being the best storefront for all PC gaming it was still, by players, essentially 2 wholly owned Valve games and everything else.


By total players, or by online players?


Too many games!

Tom is really slacking on reviews… :p


I still predict acquisition.



Wasn’t it mentioned before that China No 1 , was the reason for the influx of older PC hardware on the survey?


Which is great, more focus on Vulkan / Win7+8 than Win10 is good for everyone.


So Steam doesn’t want your bitcoins anymore:

Is this a sign of the coming reckoning for Bitcoin?