STEAM - Summer Sale 2019

Thanks! Sounds like a good idea to just skip to the latest!

It’s a remake of a early 2000s RPG, which is itself a spiritual successor of a 90s RPG (Heroes of Jingyong), very old school and not open world.

The latest game from the same creators is indeed an open world and a direct sequel to said 90s spiritual predecessor:

Well, its Wuxia, a lot is lost in translation if you’re not familiar with the genre and Chinese culture.

I think the whole thing is bugged, because on the prize page it said my max boost was increased by 4500 based on past purchases, but when I went to redeem achievements it only gave me ~600 points and threw the rest into the void.

Whatever the case is, they’ve made it so I’m going to not care about the event and whatever I end up with I’ll use to try and level my badge or something, I guess.

Wait, past purchases are supposed to count? I just bought the Dust/Amid Evil pack last week, but doesn’t look like they gave me credit for that for boost enhancing purposes.

Btw, Dust/Amid Evil are not worth it. Wait for a bigger sale.

I’m considering picking up these games by tomorrow.

Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Sorry I can’t help with Thea 2, but I did write a bit about Thea 1.

I bought Battletech, A Hat Full of Sky (edit: oops, I meant A Hat in Time…Sorry Terry!), Subnautica and an expansion to Euro Truckers 2. And I can’t play any of them yet because i still have to finish my PhD first… Damn!!!

Squad is 50% off! Incredible multiplayer shooter.

Hitman 2 is 60% off. If I only have the Paris level from the 2016 release will the legacy pack DLC give me all the other levels from the first one?

I wholeheartedly recommend Supraland!


As the sands of time fall, Steam sales come and go, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the sale that gave it birth comes again… There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Steam sales.

Stars in Shadow is a beer and pretzels 4x that is worth a try. I played a couple of complete games (rare for me with a 4x) but then didn’t feel compelled to go back. Worth it at the sale price, no doubt.

Been there. Good luck with that - the final push is the worst but then it’s over!

Stars in Shadow is still being worked on. It’s a simple but solid cross between MOO2 and SotS. It has a number of neat streamlining decisions. I like it a lot, but could stand a bit of tech and ship balancing still.

If you want a modern, characterful MOO2, get this.

Yep , you want this :

I can’t believe the Steam servers are still fucking struggling.


I see that Paradox is trying to make its own play - it’s pretty clear that the mark downs for Paradox stuff on Steam are limited compared to Paradox’s sale. Paradox looks like its trying to ween people off of Steam to come to Paradox directly. Will be interested to see where this heads.

Which is hilarious, speaking as a long time Paradox fan. First, they made Gamersgate, and lots of us got our Pdox stuff from there. Then, they cancelled all support for non-Steam versions and forced all their fans to Steam. Now they want to try to move us to use a store they own again.

On the one hand, obviously I’d prefer my games not be tied to a client, obviously I’d prefer more money go to the devs etc. On the other, they’re only in this situation due to their own flakiness and I’m not sure I trust them on this point.

Uh… do you mean A Hat in Time?