Steam Thanksgiving Sale Damage Thread


Sanctus Reach worth it? I would like to try a miniatures type game and this looks like it might be a good choice.


As far as I can see the reduced VR titles are reduced all the way down to expensive…

I wonder if everyone’s trying to position VR as a premium experience. Seems a bit optimistic.


I picked up a bunch of stuff that was in my wishlist for about the price of one new AAA game:


Had a small amount of Steam wallet lying around so I grabbed a few unassuming oldies / indies from my wishlist.



Metal Gear Solid 5 Definitive Edition. And that’s it for me this year (including Christmas sale). I’m still catching up on 2015 games…


Is Quadrilateral Cowboy worth it at its sale price? It’s at the cut-off of my usual impulse buy ($10 CAD), as it’s priced at $10.99. I know Tom was really into it, but I don’t know if it’s the kind of game that I can stick with.


Is it even worth our time nominating games?
Anyway, I picked up The Division: Underground DLC and finally pulled the trigger on XCom 2.


It is very short. It is more of a short fiction than it is a game (although it is a brilliant game as well). I am cheap and felt it was totally worth it at full price, but I enjoy David Lynch and silent movies.


Not a single game on my wishlist is $10. This is bullshit!


No, they are $9.99 :)


Yeah, same issue on PSN. Gonna just wait till next Black Friday and see if stuff is a bit cheaper.


I grabbed FarCry Primal and so far I’m really digging it. I like the way it looks and plays, and there seems to be a fairly deep progression/crafting system to dive into as well, so we’ll see how far I get with it. I haven’t picked up anything else yet, but I’m tempted by quite a few things so far, and there is a lot of road left on the sale.


Someone mentioned playing on Survival mode was best, are you trying that?


I just checked my wishlist, and Everspace is the only one I’m really excited about. I will wait until later though.


Not for my very first play through. No mini map, no reviving pets, less item capacity, harder at night, and all that jazz? No thanks. If I beat the game I really like the idea of modes like that, but not for my initial experience.


Picked up Dirt 4. Originally thought I’d have to wait until next year before I could get it for that cheap.


You should- the game is much better in survival mode.


I have not enough time… but should I pick up Witcher 3, knowing that I’d also like to play XCom2 … or should I wait till next sale?


The Witcher 3 is amazing, you should definitely get it. This might be controversial but forget XCOM 2 until you’re done with TW3.


I have played Witcher 1 a bit and skipped Witcher 2. Will I miss out any story or anything?