Steam Thanksgiving Sale Damage Thread


a) You’re crazy. Docking is super fun!

b) I made the foolish mistake of trying out Il-2 in VR while the sale was still on. I have now bought FSX, FS World, and Aerofly 2.


I have too much to play anyway. I bought American Truck Simulator. I slapped on an old school country station and delivered some iron pipes to Barstow


Yeah, docking is tedious, but it’s, like, a full ten percent of the available gameplay in a game that’s already kind of hurting for things to do.


One of us!


I came out pretty light - only bought the following two off steam:

Oxygen Not Included

…of course, I also got Yakuza 0 on the PS4 and a new OLED 55’’ TV so the overall Thanksgiving damage is pretty high.


I did the same thing I do pretty much every Steam sale - go through my wishlist and put all the stuff that’s marked down to the $2, $3, $4 range and buy it. Probably picked up ten games. Also a fair number of GOG and Xbox games from their respective sales. My backlog is growing!



Thanks to the sale, my Steam wishlist is down to three EA/unreleased games. This is very satisfying. I’d rather have a game in my backlog than a wishlist!


Hmm, from my friend list there aren’t many people with more than 3 hours with Kingdoms and Castles. I’m kinda in the mood for this type of game but there isn’t much chatter or activity with this. Maybe playing Settlers 7 would be better?

Kingdoms and Castles seems fairly simple, but it has to be more involved than Anno, right?


Went back and bought Grim Dawn Crucible & the Ashes of Malmouth expansion since I think I may be playing that soon!


I ended up refunding Elite Dangerous. Maybe 2 hours isn’t enough to give it a fair chance, but combat wasn’t very fun with a XB1 controller, and the Rift isn’t that comfortable that I’d play space trucker with it.


You made the right call.

On my end, I came out light, for me at least.

On Steam:

AirMech Wastelands

Off Steam:

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

So far GF2 is the best of the purchases, though AirMech is warming to me.


We need an itemized list: Game Name, Platform, Price. Inquiring minds demand it!


Thought about it, but then I figured this is the Steam thread, and most of my money went to non-Steam purchases I think. Maybe I’ll put it in the more generic Black Friday thread.


I’ve purchased:
Walking dead, New Frontier
What Remains of Edith Finch.

Still calling me:
Nier Automata


Here’s what I ended up purchasing:

[ ]


Great choice. One of the top artsy indie games of the year.


I love that it has no hand-holding whatsoever, everything’s up to the player to discover.



  • Nier: Automata
  • Hollow Knight
  • Sexy Brutale


  • Uncharted: Lost Legacy

That should be it for the rest of the year, can’t really see getting anything from the Christmas sales.


All right, heck with it, here goes, my Thanksgiving damage on various platforms:


Jets’n’Guns Gold
The Away Team
The Mystery of a Lost Planet
The Last Time
Bye-Bye, Wacky Planet
A Tale of Caos: Overture
Tiny Bang Story
Tetrobot & Co.
Zombie Night Terror
Endless Horde

That all came to about $30 altogether. Don’t ask me what they all are because I don’t know. But I know they were cheap and I assume on my wishlist for a reason.


Syndicate Plus
Syndicate Wars
Sid Meier’s Covert Action

So for me, GOG is where I like to buy older stuff, a mental holdover from when they were Good Old Games. But then I saw they were offering Starcrawlers if you spend more than $15, and that was in my Steam wishlist so I went looking for something else to buy. And I found that I don’t own any of the Descent games in my various digital libraries so I bought all three for about $10 and got me some Starcrawlers along with. Not a bad deal.


Dark Void
Tomb Raider Underworld
The Bureau
Just Cause 2
Just Cause 3 XL Edition (because giant robots)
This War of Mine: The Little Ones
Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2

What can I say, it was hot and I was hungry.


This sale is still going until the end of the day today, I think. Can you tell me more about these?

I thought of getting ABZU and Strider myself several times, but I keep figuring they will show as GwG free ones eventually.

Btw I bought Virginia and Typoman in that sale. Typoman looks like a combination of a 2D platformer along with word puzzles, looked really neat from the trailer. And Virginia looks very narrative based, had decent reviews, and seemed like it could be cool, plus people praised it recently in the bargain thread I believe.