Steam Trading Thread


I have the following useless coupons for anyone who requests them:

25% OFF Lord of the Rings: War in the North
25% OFF GSC Games
50% OFF FEAR Collection
25% OFF Square Enix, Eidos Interactive
50% OFF Valve
66% OFF Prototype

I also have a Secret Saxton level 1 TF2 gift


Hi Graximus,

I’ll take Left 4 Dead if you’re still looking to give it away.

I can offer the items below if any of them interest you:

Half life 2
Dungeons of Dredmor
-33% valve
-50% Valve
-50% Supreme Commander 2
-25% Nordic Games
-50% Supreme Commander 2
-75% Torchlight


50% Valve
50% Sonic Generations
50% BeatHazard Complete
50% Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
50% X3 : Gold

Free for anyone who asks (PM) / Steam chat / whatever.

I also have Test Drive 2 Unlimited that I’d like to trade for some game, since I’m not much for driving games.


I have Portal 2 and Racettear for trade. Any takers?


If anyone doesn’t want to sign up for the free IGN Prime Trial for some reason, which nets you Rochard, King Arthur and 15% off all Gamers Gate purchases I have a spare code for Rochard, let me know what you have in trade!


Anyone have a “50% off Ovlivion” coupon they’re not going to use? I wanted to pick this one up for my son’s birthday.

I do have a “33% off Valve” I will never use, if anyone wants it.



I’ve got a %50 off oblivion you can have.


I suppose I should offer up the potentially useful coupons I have in case anyone here can get some use out of them. They’re offered on your honor that you’ll actually use them yourself (assuming anyone has any interest).

50% off Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale
50% off Steel Storm: Burning Retribution
50% off Disciples III Franchise
50% off Rock of Ages
25% off any one BitComposer game

I also have a stack of Valve coupons (25-50% off) but I doubt anyone needs those.


This trading interface is annoying. Do we really both have to be online for me to give away a coupon? Is there some secret sauce I’m missing?


Yes, that is lame. Why should the interface handle coupons differently than other items?


Someone should definitely use that bitComposer coupon for The Void.


I have 2 super Monday night combat beta invites if anyone wants them.


I have a beta invite to super monday night combat that I’ll trade for probably any cheap game or maybe a good coupon.


Any chance Recettear is still up for grabs? My girlfriend might like that


Same here: Steam vouchers for grabs.
PM if you want (and keep in mind that I’m not 24/7 in front of my PC + time zone differences so be patient):

-50% Portal 2
-50% Worms Reloaded
-50% Arcania: Gothic 4
-50% Droplitz
-50% Dungeons of Dredmore
-50% Cyan Worlds
-50% Avencast
-50% Worms Ultimate Mayhem
-50% Rockstar Games
-50% Multiwinia
-50% Bunch of Heroes
-50% Civilization V: GOTY
-50% Atom Zombie Smasher
-25% Valve

Sure those deals are crappy if you manage to get those games in Steam Sale or as Daily / Midweek / Weekend deal but otherwise it’s better than nothing.


Coupon’s gone.


Coupons for anyone interested:

-50% GTA Vice City
-50% GTA San Andreas
-50% Lost Horizon
-50% Evil Genius
-50% Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee
-50% Alien Breed 3
-50% Super Meat Boy
-50% Sol Survivor
-50% Solar 2
-33% Sword of the Stars 2
-10% Any Sega games

Gimme a PM if anyone wants 'em.

Edited to remove claimed coupons.


I have:

-33% Valve
-50% Stalker Clear Sky
-50% X3: Gold
-50% Oblivion
-50% Abe’s Exodus
-50% Space Chem

PM if you want any of them.


I’ve got:

-75% Empire Total War
-50% The Oddbox
-33% Valve

(edit: Frozen Synapse snagged)


I have the following coupons if anyone wants them:

75% off Garry’s Mod
66% off Two Worlds II
66% off COD: Modern Warfare 2
50% off Borderlands GOTY
50% off H.A.W.X. 2
50% off Gemini Rue (great adventure game)
50% off Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes
50% off Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee
50% off Shattered Horizon
50% off The Binding of Isaac (great time waster)
50% off APOX
50% off GTA IV Complete
50% off Valve
50% off Penny Arcade Adventures Combo Pack
50% off Capsized
50% off Brink
33% off id Super Pack
25% off Valve
25% off idSoftware