Steam Trading Thread


I would love the Amnesia coupon! Steam username is ribaldmarauder.


25% OFF Lord of the Rings: WitN a pittance off a mediocre game
25% OFF GSC Games includes new Cossacks availability on steam ($5 each)
50% OFF FEAR Collection ~$25 for all Fear 1-3 games, Fear1 rocks, the rest are meh
50% OFF Valve half off games you already have, thanks valve
66% OFF Prototype ~$10 for Prototype

edit: when did qt3's vBulletin go to shit, no tab support anymore?


FWIW, here are my coupons, free to a good home:

33% Valve (x2 -- wow!)
25% Any Telltale Games
33% Game of Thrones RTS
50% Worms: Ultimate Mayhem
50% Dirt 3
50% Universe Sandbox
50% Avadon: The Black Fortress
50% Space Pirates and Zombies
60% Hearts of Iron III


Yo tengo:

66% Prototype
50% Beat Hazard Complete Pack
50% Costume Quest
50% Lego Batman
50% Sonic Generations
50% Valve x2
25% Valve x1


Looking for a copy of PixelJunk Eden or Anno 2070, although I am open to other offers. I have the following for trade:
2x L4D2
Dungeons of Dredmor
The Ship


I just had a 50% off Assassin's Creed Revelations coupon materialize in my inventory, but I already have it (on Steam, even). It's good through April 1st.


I have four (FOUR!) 50% off HOMM VI coupons that suddenly appeared. Um. Ok. Anyone want them?


Does anyone NOT own Half-Life 2 already? I've had an extra copy for years and can't seem to get rid of it. If anyone wants it let me know.


Folks we need to recognize that this is a horribly broken and useless execution of a promising concept. Mind bogglingly bad.

There is no sense trying to share when nobody ever wants even the 'good' ones. Let it go.


Edit: gone


I have spare copies of Beat Hazard and Killing fields up for grabs for the asking, PM please. These are from the new BeMine bundle.


I have a Firefall invite, anyone have a CS:GO invite? :|

edit: gone about a month ago.


I'm not aware of any coupons that I have. I feel kind of left out...


Not Steam trading per say but I just bought the Paradox package from Amazon so that I could get Crusader Kings 2. I'm left over with some game serials for the other Steam games. If anyone has some unused game serials for Steam or games that they can gift and are interested in trading then send me a PM.
Right now I've got:

Sword of the Stars 2
Magicka Collection
Magicka: The Stars are Left DLC


EQ starter (includes up to seeds of dest)
Terraria x2
Section 8 x1
Payday the heist x3
E.Y.E. x2
Torchlight1 x1

Super street fighter IV Arcade x1


I have E.Y.E. and Left for Dead 2.


I'm also willing to Paypal as well if someone has a copy of SSFIVAE at the 4 pack flash sale price from yesterday.


I have CS:GO invite if anyone is looking to trade. Would love a FireFall invite if any are floating around, or anything else of interest (no dota2 tho).


I'll check my firefall account when I get home, I think I still have an invite available.


Awesome, let me know what you find out! :)