Steel Division 2 - Back to Bagration

Set during Operation Bagration, summer '44, Eastern Front.

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aww yiss!

Woo same game again. They should license their tech for fantasy versions a la Warhammer. SF too.

I know the employees were cowed and forced back to work, but any info on if any of their concerns were addressed after the strike?

I don’t know for sure since anything I’ve heard is second hand and taken with a suitably sized salt grain, but apparently some people elected to leave the company in the last couple of months, so the company is leaner than it once was.

Since SD2 appears to be a refinement of previous development rather than something largely new, this game’s quality will likely not be significantly impacted, but based on the people leaving I don’t think the strikers’ concerns managed to win the day.

That’s too bad. Thanks for the scuttlebutt!

Also, it seems Paradox is longer publishing. Apparently this will be self-published.

Operation Bagration? What’s that? We have bag rations in California. We have to pay a dime for each bag at the grocery store if we don’t bring our own.


I’ve left, bagless, juggling more than I should carry, more times than I can count because of that law.

We are a new breed! Cheapo no bag people!

Bagration is the Russian marshal that kicked Napoleon and his grande armee all the way back to Paris. The offensive operation by the red army to take the war back to germany all the way to Berlin was called operation bagration.

I think dime-a-bag policies are great. We have that here in the Netherlands as well. next up for curbing plastic soup should be a stupendous tax on those stupid 33cl water bottles people buy in 36-packs and litter all over the place if it were up to me.

Bagration died at Borodino. Kutuzov (played very well by Brian Cox (the actor not the astrophysicist) in the recent BBC version of War & Peace) kicked the French out of Russia.

If this has a campaign like AirLand Battle I’m all over this.

awesome RUSSIAN tanks as seen in WORLD OF TANKS and WARTHUNDER! Please don’t complain about the greatness of teh T-34 and its many variations, is this game produced by Russians or Germans?

Turn-based campaign linking RTS battles sounds good.

Aw, man, why can’t Airland Battles have that? That’s way too cool to just be in their boring ol’ WWII game.


Heres to hoping they ever build a wargame 4 with this tech.

I love Steel Division, and was hoping for the next chapter to be the Eastern front.

I’d buy that in a heartbeat.

As-is, it’s a pass for me.

I always found the modern warfare to be really boring- all the infantry are decent and have AT weapons, the main battle tanks are similar gods of shooting on the move, ww2 has a lot of bad ideas and it’s fun to play with the gear that isn’t so optimized.

eh. its all good to me. I <3 me some nazi stomping almost as much as I <3 bringing the misled hordes of HATO to the eternal light of true science; ie communism through superior firepower.

T-34, Il-2, Su-85, IS-2, T-80, Smerch, no matter what time you choose, soviet glory is glorious.

I also love the stuff eugen puts out. even if i dont have time to play with it. (I have about ten hours in steel division)

I won’t say MW is boring but that last sentence pretty much describes why I devote 80% of my wargaming attention to WW2.