Stellaris grand strategy space game by Paradox discussy thingy thready thingy


I’ve been playing with a combination of the Glavius AI Mod and the Enhanced AI mod on Commodore lately. This is proving to be something of a challenge.


That’s great to hear. I’ll be sure to snag those mods.


Thanks for the info. Hopefully later this week I’ll get a chance to play.


Oh my bad, I could’ve linked to them much earlier. smacks forehead


For my part, I wouldn’t have trouble finding them (though it’s nice to post links). I just appreciated the hands-on feedback.


So if I:

  • declare war on another empire
  • make claim on all his systems
  • easily destroy all his fleet and conquer his planets
  • and then watch both our war scores sloooowly creep up (over 13+ years) but he does not surrender and I can’t get him to accept

Does that mean I made too many claims? IE should I break out my claims over 2+ wars?


Is the target empire part of a federation? Or maybe in an alliance? There are supposed to surrender if they are completely occupied and have no allies in the war.


Not necessarily, depending on which recent patch you are on, there is something wonky (again) with warscore calculations. From what I have read, it isn’t factoring in planet occupation.

Once the other guy hits 100, you can usually force it to end in a “white peace” where you keep everything you have claimed and have occupied at that point.


Hopefully they start having some automated tests at some point.


Really, where’s the fun in that? ;)


And I thought QT3 was full of grognards!
White peace means there are no gains for anyone… which I think would still be useful in the game instead of having to trade systems to end the war.


I thought it was everything you’ve occupied? Claims are irrelevant for the status quo peace.


If you occupy something you haven’t claimed, it reverts at the status quo. That I know.


I think I’ve tried this on 2.02 and 2.04beta and I couldn’t get these jerks to capitulate. Maybe I’ll just hold off until a new patch is released.


For anyone else interested here’s a 20+part lets play of the current version of the game with someone’s idea of the worst race on the hardest difficulty.


So when I re-examined my old save, I realized I had missed invading one of his inhabited worlds. So this was a Scott error, not a game error.

After I won the war I decided to exterminate all their population and the entire galaxy hates me. Oooops!


Distant Stars, with 50% more anomalies to detect.


Never quite 100%


That’s funny but it misses the fact that with every new release it moves backwards a bit until they’ve patched it to move it forward


Got round to this, quite enjoying it. Does anyone know how to conquer enemy systems, rather than planets? I made a claim on it as my war goal, and have cleared it of opposition… how do I get anyone to notice :/