Stellaris grand strategy space game by Paradox discussy thingy thready thingy


The next 10 expansions, maybe. Though I guess by that time Distant Worlds 2 will be out and there will be little point in playing Stellaris.


You can install animated desktop wallpapers now, no need to wait! ;)


True! There’s a huge list of things I can do that will be more fun and exciting than Stellaris. Like watching the process of water depletion in partly hydrated chromatic-pigment-based substances applied to solid, vertical surfaces. ;)


Haha! In all seriousness, I do hope Distant Worlds 2 is amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever bounced off a game harder than the first one, which I tried to get into a good six or seven times. I honestly don’t think I can name a single strategy game I found more boring and unappealing than DW… which frustrates the shit out of me because there’s clearly people who love it and I wish I could too.

I’d be one happy camper if they find that magic ingredient that allows me to engage with the game. On paper it’s something I should really like, in reality I would rather be doing… basically anything else. Hmph!


I know the feeling, since the way you feel about DW is basically the way I feel about Stellaris. Hopefully Distant Worlds 2 will bring us together in our real-time expansive space epic strategy game tastes! I certainly hope so. As I hope that I will at some point enjoy Stellaris as I’d like to. It could still happen. Just not now. ;)


So a google search doesn’t answer this, so I’ll put this out here for the Qt3 space lords: once I research a strategic resource (in this case: garanthium ore)… how do I find it? I’ve already surveyed most of the nearby galaxy - will it simply appear on a world I own or explored? I don’t see any commands related to this.

Side note: the worst part about DW2 is the lack of information about it. Beyond Matrix acknowledging its existence, they haven’t said ANYTHING… And wasn’t the original DW released ~ 8 years ago?


My understanding is :

If you already have a mining station built around the location of the resource you will gain it automatically. If you don’t, it should appear on the available resources to be claimed display for that system. You don’t have to re-survey systems to gain visibility.


Yes, that’s my experience as well. And they really need some way to show who has what strategic resources discovered and available for trade…like a map mode or something. Unless there is one and I am missing it. Otherwise, you have to manually contact each potential trade partner to see if a strategic resource shows up in their list. Hopefully they will expand on this if the do a DLC for trade routes/houses etc.


Note there’s also a strategic resource list in the right of the top bar. Should be the quickest way to spot whether you already have any.

Agreed that this is a stupid omission. A simple map mode picking out systems with strategic resources would solve it easily, too.


I had used that but nothing shows up. I assume this means that although I have a decent amount of systems with starbases, I don’t have any of the ore?


Sounds like you don’t have any, yep.


I think they should add some minor bonus to those research cards for strategic resource discovery. There is nothing so depressing as spending years on a tech and then getting nothing.


I considering firing all my scientists for this waste of research time, but I think the union would not allow it :)


I think something a lot of people probably overlook about strategic resources is that the AI overvalues them in trade deals, so if you have any spare or ones you don’t care about losing for 10 years, you can shop them around and make a nice chunk of minerals/energy or give them for free for a large opinion boost to get people as protectorates/federation members.

Honestly, the AI needs to value them a bit less.



Reading these patch notes makes it painfully obvious how badly the cocked up 2.0 QA. And I like the new mechanics!


Given how I’ve probably sunk far too much money into Crusader Kings 2 compared to the actual time I’ve spent playing, I’m glad that I didn’t buy Stellaris when I was originally tempted to now with all these changes and grievances.

Hopefully in a few years all the DLC will be released and the game will be in a solid state to play and I’ll be able to pick up the entire collection on sale.


So what do I do in this situation?

There was system with a wormhole next to one of my systems. Before I could take control of it, the Purifiers on the opposite side of the map came through the wormhole and declared war on me. I was able to finally reverse the damage they’d done and captured the wormhole system. I don’t have the tech to cross the wormhole and my war exhaustion continues to rise.

I can’t cross the wormhole and would have to jump 18-20 systems to actually reach his worlds. I’ve tried a white peace, but (of course) he refuses. The only options I see are 1) surrender or 2) drive across the map… but neither seem like good ones.

Any recommendations?


Hunker down and ambush any ships he sends through, which should drive his was exhaustion up and force a status quo peace. Without the tech to take it to him, your options are limited.


Damn. I figured that was the only choice. I hate these Purifiers!