Step Up 3-D

“I dance, because dance can change things.”

deep breath

Buhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I can just see a dance crew showing up at the UN and achieving world peace through the power of their dance.

Ha ha, Ninyu saw Step Up 3D.

Nope, just the trailer.

I liked the first two movies well enough. Good dancing, typical “underdogs make good+ a little romance”.

I’m basically always willing to watch a Save the Last Dance/Step Up/You Got Served/Drumline/Stick It type movie on Netflix or cable.

I was considering making a thread about this because: really? Step-Up in 3D? That isn’t even battle dancing, it’s just regular dancing.

I feel like this movie’s existence should settle the question of whether 3D is being over-applied in movies once and for all.

I was going to make a joke about how you haven’t heard about “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The 3Dquel” yet, thinking that surely would be the most ridiculous application of the technology, but then I checked IMDB, which shut my mouth.

Sigh. I guess anything computer generated must now be in 3D.

Why? A movie like this is all about movement in space. There will inevitably be multiple complex group dance sequences. There’s no particular reason why 3D would have any less novelty/value/spectacle than in an action movie or a sci-fi movie. It’ll just be bodies flying around instead of cars or spaceships or whatever. I mean, 3D isn’t being used very coherently by Hollywood right now, but this isn’t a particularly weird example.

I’ll grant that the application might be reasonable, but it seems at least a little absurd on the face of it.

If I knew more about either visual arts or 3D filming, I’d guess that the depth of visual field might not be deep enough to really impact the viewing experience, but that’s all hand-waving coming from me.

Sure, because it’s dead easy to turn a computer animated movie into a 3D one. It’s essentially just re-rendering everything from a slightly different perspective. You’d be crazy not to release a 3D version of a computer animated movie.

I’m waiting for “My Dinner With Andre part 2: The 3Denning.”

Wallace Shawn was born to be in 3D.

Been done.

If you know how render farms work, how long they take, and how expensive they are, you would know this isn’t exactly the case. It can significantly bump the budget.

I’m getting so tired of 3D. Bring on the 3D porn already*!

*No, just kidding, DON’T.

I read somewhere that “the dancers throw water at the screen”…and the producers were apparently very proud of that enhanced 3D effect.

Ya, that will get me to plunk down 18 bucks…heh.

So, over at Rotten Tomatoes the reviews are running about 50/50, but positive or negative, they (almost) all say the same things: Thin, predictable plot, mediocre-to-bad acting, cliched characters, but fantastic dancing, and the 3D is used well. Basically whether the review is positive or negative or not depends on whether the reviewer thinks the non-dancing parts are really important or not, given the context.

I’m waiting for 3D Fast 3D Furious, personally.

I’m guessing you probably liked Bring It On too.

What the hell is wrong with Bring it On?

He’s just being a cheer-tator about it.

Actually I’ve never seen it. I kind of dislike Kirsten Dunst. But it’s certainly in the same vein as the others. They’re sports underdog movies, just with some other competition besides the sports. Or they’re what’s left of the musical.