Streaming, podcasting, or writing something cool? Bump this thread with a link!

Wellll, seems like the people have spoken

Sry Jm I didn’t speak. I would have picked “Baldur’s gate 1” if I could. Ill see you next week I hope.

I thought I’d post this here for anyone who cares. In my twitter feed there was a post from some random female mocking issues related to LGBT issues, like pronoun usage, public bathroom usage, etc…

I took a closer look at it and it appeared in my feed because explorminate liked it. I promptly unfollowed explorminate and won’t be visiting their site anymore.

Oh geezus.

Found the tweet. Double geezus.

Link for the curious.

First time streaming from PC. Doom Eternal.

Friends, join us in a moment as we do some co-op Elite Dangerous!

Friends, jin a moment, join me as I try to help conquer the universe in 1989’s Star Fleet II: Krellan Commander!

Friends, I’m gonna do some random streaming on Facebook here and there, starting with Bloody Rally Show, so join me in a moment for a ton of violent racing!! :)

My thought is that JM will stream alex tonight. I don’t know why I think that. Virus +11 for me.

Stupid vr… who really does that vr --I mean c’mon. Still … i’ll watch…

Half Life Alyx

I am not a JM shill but – he is playing Half Life alex, And wow it looks pretty nice.

Switching to Tarkov

McMaster streaming some Escape from Tarkov loading screens:


The sex God himself, Jason McMaster, is virtually checking his chap, come and watch with us other voyeurs:

I will be there with extra snacks!

I shall watch!

I’m streaming resident evil 3

I finally finished my playthrough of Life is Strange 2. I think some of the best moments come in this final episode. Check it out for spoilery spoilers!

doing some Tarkov and then, somethin?