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Friends, it’s too hot to think straight today, but I got y’all some news and crap anyway. ;)



Episode 48 of my Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead tutorial playthrough where I finally decide to explain how to manage NPC party members:


Today’s dispatch includes two videos, several pieces of news, and an overwhelming amount of sales. Like, a lot.




It’s Saturday BattleTech day again, kicking off a new contract.


Hey friends, welcome back to another fun week of spacey gaming! This week we finally return to a game-of-the-week format with the really fun, challenging and downright brutal Battlevoid: Sector Siege. I’ll also have another vid of Space Rangers HD up later this week (ran out of time over the weekend). :)

On the Podcast this week (Tuesday, 5:30 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube), we’ll be talking to the developer to the space adventure game, Daath Origins!

On this week’s LAN Party (Thursday, 5:30 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube), we’ll try out the co-op campaign in the top-down gorefest, Geneshift!

Thanks for being awesome y’all!


Friends, there’s a lot to talk about in today’s dispatch, including site speed stuff, news, games, vids and more!


I hope that there is a mention of Derpspace


In today’s late dispatch, there is a ton of news, still a ton of sales, and plenty of gaming to discuss. Enjoy!


Today’s dispatch is HUGE y’all. So many games to talk about, so much news, and deals too! Thanks for reading!


I livestreamed a session of Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead where i played the super brutal ‘Really Bad Day’ scenario as a tweaker (omg this is a hard starting ‘class’) but with a Groundhog Day theme. After each death i ‘wake-up’ back at the beginning and try again, learning new things about the area/situation to help me survive and escape. Viewers joined in to help me strategize and offer tips/suggestions for each loop.


BattleTech Saturday features the Opinionated Bastards’ second battle.



Hey friends, welcome to another week of spacey gaming, and I've a lot for y'all this week! This week's game-of-the-week is the sector-jumping Starflighty game, Avalon: The Journey Begins. I also have some one-offs for you as well, starting today with the currently-Kickstarting Nimbatus! Later this week I'll have vids of StarShip Constructor and Voxel Interceptor for y'all as well. I also hope to make time for more Space Rangers HD if I can.

For this week's Podcast (Tuesday, 5:30 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube), we offered it to a guest, but they've yet to confirm, so as a plan B, we've got a topic! We'll talk about roguelike mechanics in space and sci-fi games, like Everspace, Sword of the Stars: The Pit and more!

For this week's LAN Party (Thursday, 5:30 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube), we'll be returning to PULSAR: Lost Colony in order to try out their new biscuit-focused faction!

Thanks for being awesome y'all!


Ugh. Netflix isn’t interested and neither am I.


Well I’ve no idea how to respond to this. Thanks man!


Joke failure. Consider it retracted.