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I’m streaming tonight for the new year! Catch me before the DMCA algorithm does!

Check out the latest episode of the OtherWorldsGG CommunityCast
In this episode we talk gaming news from the end of 2020 as well as chat about other random ramblings about games.
Join us on our quest as we explore Other Worlds!

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We’ve rebranded and relaunched! We are now Home Theater United and will be doing a lot more episodes and releasing them a lot sooner after recording them. Moving to the Rodecaster has been a literal game changer. We will still do our longer deep dive episodes where my cohost cleans up the audio and puts in fun clips every few months too as “Special Editions”.

Episode 12 is up, CES tv panel recap and more

So good at being a Dragon! I’ll be on!

Episode 13 up, deep dive on why someone would choose amps or separates over an integrated receiver.

Plus new logo and custom sound clips =)

I’m going to be streaming the lovely Spiritfarer in a few minutes, and talking about why it’s one of my favorite games of last year.

If you are up late and want to get into a stream… dr. Jones is running a uboat … and it really is fun to watch.

Oops == yes its sorta odd Id be back and schilling (not curt schilling who i voted for NOT hall of fame ) (yes I had a vote but I’d be the last one in the world to tell you why) but Dr. Jones trying to play a uboat … it is a great game. Marq lets talk. I think I have an apology to you.

You have done us all a great service, and for that we thank you 😀

The OtherWorldsGG Community Podcast has moved to weekly!

New shoes with a 3080, Nvidia thinks the track ball is cool, and Mountain Dew gives us Waifu body pillows. All of this and more on this weeks episode!

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I hate being a shill for anyone- but we are all watching Hitman games with Jm. It is fun --JM knows his assignations apparently.

That game will probably never stop being funny. It should be last call for every streamer. ‘OK guys, now I’m going to play about thirty seconds of GTFO. No seriously, why are you guys still here?’

Oh that cad. He’s such a bounder!

Streaming frustrations 2021

I don’t bump for every episode, but we released episode 14 of our law student podcast today and I thought it was a good one:

Professor Michael Mogill joins the panel to discuss how he used Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants , the famous ‘hot coffee’ case, at a Law Day presentation to explain how the jury system works. Other topics discussed include how to teach legal concepts to various non-lawyer/non-law student audiences ranging from children to senior citizens and challenges of teaching law in the time of COVID.

Hot Coffee For Law Day (
Not always gaming content, but Episode 13 discussed copyright and Fortnite dances, and Episode 15 which will release March 1 we talk about eSports regulation.

Very cool. I will check that out. Loved the hot coffee doc.

Drox Operative 2: Space “ARPG”. 2 hours of coop multiplayer

Jason is so good at all these games as well

The best! Sad I only saw this now, gotta head to bed. :(