Street Fighter 5 - Hundred hand slap

“Exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PC”

No Xbone? This is a BIG franchise for ‘exclusivity’, no?

As noted earlier in the month, the Xbox One has sold 38,400 total units in Japan. 23,500 were sold on launch weekend, so the rest of the time has been a slow trickle.

There is no market for Xbox One in Japan. The PS4 isn’t burning up the charts there either, but at least Sony has sold more PS4s each month than all the Xbox Ones combined.

There is a wide market for SF outside of Japan though, isn’t there? I’m not particularly big on fighting games myself, but this one this is a global phenomenon. Or is Capcom blinkered in that regard?

…video’s been hundred-hand-slapped with a takedown notice.

PS4 exclusive is huge. This takes my next-gen console decision from leaning PS4 to no-brainer PS4.

Here’s a link that’s working for now. It’s basically a teaser with very brief snippets of what appears to be gameplay from SF5. Looks great.

Also taken down.

Woo! Street fighter 5! Imagine if they put the entire cast of previous characters in it plus the obligatory few new ones, just how many characters would there be?

63 existing characters, according to this:

I doubt they’d do that though, that’s way too many to seriously balance, right?

Dan was never balanced.

Besides, that would leave them with nothing for Super Street Fighter V, Super Street Fighter V Arcade, and Ultra Street Fighter V.

All of which will be on Xbox I’m sure.

I guess they potentially could if they have sufficiently detailed assets from SSFIV:AE. But that’s not really how Capcom does Street Fighter though. The Versus games (Marvel Vs Capcom, etc) are where they throw ridiculous numbers of characters and barely even try to balance them.

Personally, I’d rather see more SF3 than SF4 in this roster: more totally new characters that riff on the existing archetypes in new ways.

Actual gameplay:

  1. Sony claims that this will not be coming to any other console - ever.

  2. Will feature cross-platform gameplay between PS4 and PC.

This is a pretty canny end run around Microsoft’s sponsorship of Evo. They have to play games on the Xbox versions if available for the tournament, but the expected new headline Evo game is going to get played on PS4 anyway.

Also lol at non-ms platform doing cross platform play with pc. That is great, and really awesome for reducing split in the community and providing everyone more people to play with.

I haven’t bought a playstation since ps2, but this is going to get me to pick up a ps4.

I’m a huge Street Fighter guy. My favorite version is Street Fighter III: third strike, but I love the popularity of Street Fighter IV.

Cross-platform is huge.

This being straight to console worries me on the gameplay side. I can’t think of a single straight-to-console fighter that didn’t end up a mess in terms of balance.

As for Evo, it’s sponsorship is done year-by-year I believe. I fully expect Evo to move to PC in 2-3 years if the PC ports are done well. MKX, DOA5, and most likely T7 are moving to PC. The big holdout is Arcsys, and they’re at least doing backlog.

Really? I thought the MS deal was multi year but I may have imagined that. I’m not sure I can see them going completely to PC in any case. The hardware would be a lot more complicated to maintain and keep performance consistent. And if that universal stick driver for PS4 works out people should have their choice of controls.

I see one reason for it- sponsorship. PC hardware manufacturers will shell out money to be sponsored at EVO more than the console folks.

The largest weekly in the US uses PC and it works fine.

I loved the SF3 iterations too. The transition from 2D to 3D for SF4 seemed to induce a slight slowdown on the game, or a relative unresponsiveness, that I never associated with the SF franchise before.