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Raw drive rush is relatively cheap, especially for those of us that suck too much to do the cancel so we’re not spending a ton of drive meter anyway.

My conclusion is I’m gonna need to learn the cancels, but mostly for kill combos. Using it outside of killshots is too risky.

I’ll worry about that after I pick a main, my plan right now is to get the launch roster to platinum, then decide a main based on how I feel. Lilly seems to be most effective for me, Chun was fun though. Doing Juri now.

This video spoke to me.

Thanks for sharing that. I needed that.

Also, that 2004 Daigo clip is SOOOO awesome. Chills, dude. Literal chills.

After 27 hours in the game, I have finally completed Ken’s combo trials. That was way harder than it should’ve been.

I learned two useful things. Standing heavy punch drive rush cancel is braindead easy – I don’t know why I was so afraid of it. And the crouching medium kick drive rush cancel is much easier if I hold down instead of down back.

Now if I could just do a damn three light combo into heavy DP, my life will be complete. Holding down instead of down back is probably the trick there too, but my hand hurts right now.

I think I figured something out for light combos into heavy DP, and it’s the same insight I learned about drive rush cancels – the real insight, not what I thought it was last night.

The trick for me on both of them is to let go of the stick and let it return to neutral using spring force. Then input a dash using my normal motion. Same with inputting a standing LK into heavy DP. The timing is tight but it’s 100x more reliable than trying to hold and quickly push the stick into the forward position.

This works for gamepad too according to one of the YouTube guys I watch. Do a crouching medium kick (or whatever) then let go of the down button on the pad pad and immediately do a normal dash to cancel into drive rush.

Drive rush cancels aren’t needed in general at low rank, but it’s nice to know how to reliably perform the technique.

I’m a little annoyed. I just realized you have to spam counter Drive Impact to pick up certain cases where your attack recovery ends really late during your opponent’s DI window. I thought if I tapped it once during their DI that I would get the counter, assuming it was possible to cancel it at any point. But in very specific cases I could’ve caught the counter if I kept spamming the buttons later in my opponent’s DI.

It makes sense from a technical standpoint but it makes the whole thing a little janky.

Drive Impact could benefit from some adjustments. It’s my least favorite part of SF6 as it is now.

I thnk it’s likely to get adjusted over time. It reminds a lot of reversal edge from Soul Calibur right now in terms of use, with consistant albeit slightly smaller reward.

In more news, Street Fighter put up its battle pass yesterday.

The interesting thing about this one is that if you pay for it and get all the way through, you get your fighter coins back, so if you play enough (it uses Kudos for unlocks, 14.5K Kudos will get you through), you effectively get your money back.

Might take 500 or so ranked matches, other methods would lower that number.

I pretty much decided to main Chun in this, mostly for the walk speed (Juri might be a bit better for that though)

So far it seems Dee Jay is my main. But I have a few others to try yet (Zangief, Guile).

I recently saw someone mention that if your opponent is in burnout, it’s like you’re playing Street Fighter 5 again. Hah.

Speaking of that game, I’m determined to go back to play it again one day. The Ken animation is soooo tight and crunchy.

hit me up on xbox or discord if you want to spar some. gamertag Harkonis discord harkonis7

I made it to Platinum and I feel like I know nothing. I went 2-0 against a Ken to rank up and decided to go to a custom room to mess around. He beat me 5-1. Once I run out of my bag of tricks, I’m toast!

Time to work on the next set of moves.

anyone interested in a fight night on fridays? custom room and just sparring?

I would love that.

BTW, my controller arrived. It seems tomorrow will be practice day for me. :D

I’m interested!

Worknight for me unfortunately.

I seem to finally be starting to pick this up, got my first 10-streak in ranked.

Dee Jay is like my worst MU by far.

People say to drive impact him since most of his good normals aren’t cancellable. I haven’t fought against him enough to try it! The mix of characters in ranked is so out of whack. I don’t think I’ve seen a Luke since release day, and I’ve fought JP three times in ranked out of 306 matches.

It looks like Manon, Juri, Marisa, Cammy, and Ken are literally half of my battles. Haha!

If a single night would work best for anyone, we can probably adjust. goal is to have plenty of people covering plenty of skill levels.

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