Street Fighter 6: Live services

Many things I do better in the keyboard, actually, so hitbox sounds like a good option. And it’s not an actual hitbox - there’s a store here that makes custom controllers and they have a hitbox-like for a reasonable price, so that’s what I’m going for.

Additionally, buying stuff here in Brazil is tricky. Hori is hard to find and super expensive down here…

I have been happy with my razer stick

That’s the stick I use as well, though I’m trying to learn pad for SF6, so I can compete and put my controller in a purse. Good for getting thru Vegas security.

Learned some pretty fancy JP drive rush into level 3 super combos on my lunch break. I was pleased by how forgiving the timing was. I feel like I actually have a chance of doing more complicated combos in a match in this game and the drive rush system opens up so many possibilities.

SF4s combos were so hard and SF5s combos were so basic and constricting. This feels just right.

I feel like the gate to cool combos in SF6 is being able to do a dash motion in cancel timing. Right now I struggle to do it with an arcade stick. We’ll have to see if I get it eventually.

That motion was drilled into me very thoroughly a long time ago learning to focus attack cancel in sf4. But yes, definitely an important part of extending combos in this game.

I’ve been playing this game and joined the quartertothree club. Feel free to invite me for casual games if you feel like it, my name on CFN is Cyberdwarf.

This game feels strange to me, so many of the special mechanics seem so dominating that it overshadows the fundamentals a little. Still enjoying it though.

I just invited three of you from the club!

It sounds like @rhamorim and I took a beating in the fight club tonight. I learned a lot against Zangief and JP, thanks @DepartmentOfBureaus. We’ll definitely be sparring some more. I’ll be crushing those characters in gold for sure!

I won’t be crushing anything, it seems… at least for a while. :)

Still getting used to the game and it’s been painful - between all the variables in the game proper and my controller limitations (soon to be solved, I hope), it’s a lot to take in and manage. But I’ll get there. Eventually. ;)

That’s what this game is- it’s a system game like SF3. Not something I particularly like.

I don’t notice a difference because I’m too mediocre to use half the systems!

I use drive impact. I barely remember of drive parry. I never use drive rush because of my current controller (basically impossible to use in a combo).

I wish I knew what the damage difference was between EX’s and drive rush combos so I knew which one was smarter.

Drive rush is good for mixups like dash throws and dash overheads with better frame data, but that’s expensive. Gief players seem to love drive rush for obvious reasons.

Raw drive rush is relatively cheap, especially for those of us that suck too much to do the cancel so we’re not spending a ton of drive meter anyway.

My conclusion is I’m gonna need to learn the cancels, but mostly for kill combos. Using it outside of killshots is too risky.

I’ll worry about that after I pick a main, my plan right now is to get the launch roster to platinum, then decide a main based on how I feel. Lilly seems to be most effective for me, Chun was fun though. Doing Juri now.

This video spoke to me.

Thanks for sharing that. I needed that.

Also, that 2004 Daigo clip is SOOOO awesome. Chills, dude. Literal chills.

After 27 hours in the game, I have finally completed Ken’s combo trials. That was way harder than it should’ve been.

I learned two useful things. Standing heavy punch drive rush cancel is braindead easy – I don’t know why I was so afraid of it. And the crouching medium kick drive rush cancel is much easier if I hold down instead of down back.

Now if I could just do a damn three light combo into heavy DP, my life will be complete. Holding down instead of down back is probably the trick there too, but my hand hurts right now.

I think I figured something out for light combos into heavy DP, and it’s the same insight I learned about drive rush cancels – the real insight, not what I thought it was last night.

The trick for me on both of them is to let go of the stick and let it return to neutral using spring force. Then input a dash using my normal motion. Same with inputting a standing LK into heavy DP. The timing is tight but it’s 100x more reliable than trying to hold and quickly push the stick into the forward position.

This works for gamepad too according to one of the YouTube guys I watch. Do a crouching medium kick (or whatever) then let go of the down button on the pad pad and immediately do a normal dash to cancel into drive rush.

Drive rush cancels aren’t needed in general at low rank, but it’s nice to know how to reliably perform the technique.