Street Fighter 6: Live services

I took a shot at it. Hopefully they want a 50 year old SF veteran to participate in their test. The game looks great and I’m ready. I burned out on V a long time ago.

Beta emails went out tonight!

I’m in. Looking forward to it!

I didn’t get in again.

Then again, I’m like the opposite of their desired demo so it makes sense.

At least Strive is having a balance patch weekend, and one where the balance changes actually seem to make sense for once.

Something, something, we should all probably exchange contact info and try to do some sets together, etc.

I’m on PS5. I assume this is crossplay?

Holy hell is that theme catchy! Indestructible has a competitor!

Am I a big baby for sticking with Modern controls? They feel great.

Reading about it, the feature sounds like a solution in search of a problem, because I don’t think six discrete buttons was ever something that got in the way of people playing Street Fighter. That said, they try this stuff now and then so if you like it, sure, have at it.

So this is really impressive. I am already a fan. The new features that allow you counter/parry through attacks are liberating! It truly adds to the game and makes it something new and unique.

I’m seeing tons if Juris and tired of her bullshit already but enjoying playing Luke who has one of the best win animations ever with the camera pointing. Love it!

Everything about the game has this exuberance that I’m here for 100%. It makes me feel cool just to be playing. I sure hope Urien is there for me when it ships.

I’m having the same experience as the first beta: I can’t get enough time on the practice cabinet to work on any combos, so I’m just using bread and butter stuff and still having a blast. It’s a very satisfying game to play. But my character doesn’t feel cool because I can’t do anything flashy, haha.

I’m pretty sure Luke is bottom tier, which sucks because I think he’s a lot of fun to play. All I see is fucking Juri Juri Juri. She flies all over the screen at the push of a button. Way too fast to counter and always ahead on all the meters including the most important one, health.

Hopefully they can see that she’s way OP. I really don’t want to play a million Juris for the next few years.

The rock-paper-scissors game in the corner is so much damn fun. I fired up the beta, played one game where I absolutely destroyed an autopilot Guile in the corner 4 rounds in a row, then turned it off. I knew it was all downhill from there.

Even on defense I’m way more locked in to all the possibilities. For a scrub like me who is terrible at footsies, this is the fun part where I feel like I can actually play fighting games. The options are more limited than in the center so I can follow what’s happening, but more varied than in the last game, so it feels like a challenge.

Despite my bitching, it’s clear this is a better game than any SF that came before it. There are options galore before, during and even after a fight. I feel totally engaged by the game at all times which is no mean feat in 2022 when lots of games don’t value your time.

The ability to turn defense to offense at the push of a button is a massive change that they’ve made that could have been super overpowered but even those reversals have reversal options. It’s downright tactical.

I’m looking forward to the full roster of characters on launch. I like what’s here and the animation and backgrounds are just gorgeous. It’s like a living anime now, even moreso than the last game. The soundtrack is bangin’. Ranked seems to do a good job of matching players and you can compete on other arcade games on top of all that!

They have my $$$ wrapped up.

Forgot to mention that I have played some folks with these controls on and tried it myself too. You’re playing with one hand tied behind your back. It’s fine if you and friends are at that level, but I suspect no one will get very far with these EO controls.

I know one thing for sure, this game is going to force me to learn all the stuff I never learned while I was button mashing through the earlier games: dash cancels, glancing at my meter, super cancels, parries. For example, I suck at dashing with a stick but I’m going to have to suck it up and learn how to Drive Rush since it’s a fundamental part of the game.

I think I mentioned before that In Street Fighter V, I wanted to learn Ken for the same reason I want to learn character action games – because all the cool anime combos he did looked badass. Here I want to learn the game itself because I really like the systems.

I did find some cool shit with Ken though – finally! I put LK+MK+HK on my 4th button on the top row, now my standard jump-in target combo is MP, HP, kicks button to dash, then DP. It makes fire come out! If I do it right, my lizard brain is happy, and there’s something tactile and satisfying about tapping 4 buttons in a sequence across one row of buttons like that.

The super cancels seem so achievable now that I realized I should work in an EX Dragonlash kick first. It causes a long ground bounce so I have plenty of time to input the move without mashing. The best part is it causes my character to switch sides, which somehow resets my brain and allows me to do DP in one direction and two quarter circles in the other direction to make the super/CA come out. So much easier than DP, then forward and quarter circle to cancel into CA on the same side like I did in previous games.

Before the beta ends, I’d really like to land a Drive Rush combo. I know that probably sounds really basic. For me those dashes are tough from holding down-back!

Got it! I didn’t use the full critical art cancel because the spacing can be kind of weird after EX Dragonlash. So I just went with level 2 super. It was awesome. I was playing a guy over and over on one of the battle hub cabinets until I landed it. The battle hub matches are still a really neat feature. I just wish there was a way to say, “ok I’m ready to go back to training mode now, let’s stop.”

Anyway, I’ve already uninstalled it. I’m going to hold this high until the open beta.

Training will be in another menu in the full game I think. We just had to use the Battle Hub to access it in the Beta because that’s all we could play in (and they’re obviously testing all that stuff too).

I didn’t get to play at all yesterday. Too much Christmas going on, but I’m excited for the game. I think they’ve got it right so now it’s just a matter of the roster and who’s in it and where they fall in the tier lists.

Oh crap, I didn’t realize this came out in June. I was thinking March, but that’s Wo Long.

No more triple-DP combo for Ken in perfect rhythm, but this quintuple DP is good enough: