Street Fighter 6: Live services

I’d be happy with some muscle memory in the first place, haha. I’m going to keep playing until my brain settles down.

Yeah, same. Trying to be more conscious of when I’m slapping the fuck out of my buttons in every match. With all the hundreds (thousands?) of hours I’ve spent with Street Fighter over the years it’s still hard to make my brain press a button only once per input.

My daughter saw there was a character creator for this - she just loves making characters in games. So she made one, and started playing and actually did pretty well.

I thought I could just make another character but no! I can’t delete her character and progress and start again!

there is a place in the game to pick classic and ‘apply to all fighters’ where it will remember it.

you can save her avatar ‘recipe’ and then make your own and swap them

There is. I forget where it is, but I was able to do it in beta and main game.

Honda felt like easy mode when I tried him out today. Very easy platinum.

I don’t know who I should try to learn next- any suggestions?

I did select that setting to apply to all characters but I have still have had to change it independently across every game mode even after doing that.

placement matches for Dhalsim could not have gone much worse. 8 losses and 2 wins.

Not that this will make you feel any better, but you just made me realize I’m no longer mashing buttons for combos and special moves! So the 10+ hours in training mode were worth it. The foundation is there, anyway.

I did fix one problem I was having during games. I finally noticed that after I landed a Drive Impact, I briefly let go of the arcade stick for some reason. That made my punish combo really sloppy. I fixed that by being intentional and reminding myself to put my fingers on the stick while the DI animation is playing, to be more like how I’m holding it while practicing combos. Duh.

I made it to Gold, which feels perfect for me. I can’t spam stuff like crazy because people are actually trying to play neutral and punish bad behavior. It’s forcing me to slow down and think about how to get in. It still blows my mind how good everyone is at execution compared to me.

You play a mean Ken. Your execution is fine.

As for me, I’m still trying to find my main. So far I’ve played Manon the most, but I also experimented with Honda and Lily. I’m thinking of trying JP now. We’ll see.

If you mean the World Tour, you can start from the beginning. When you select the mode at first (and your avatar appears), there’s an option there for “play from the beginning” in case you want to restart. Of course, that will delete any progress (I think). So probably not what you want…

Dhalsim is most likely the hardest character to play, in my opinion.

Fun sets. Good back and forth. I still need to do some work on countering drive impacts.

Good games @delirium! That was me just a minute ago. Sorry to bail, it’s way past my bedtime. I still have no idea what’s happening with JP. I know one of those long distance fireballs is a throw, but is one them an overhead as well?!

Oh whoops that was you @TimJames for some reason I thought it was harkonis. Yeah, JP has an overhead fireball as well as a sweep and a throw.

I’m getting close to gold but I think my jet lag is catching up to me. I was supposed to go to bed an hour ago!

Nice, and yeah countering DI is difficult. I just realized recently that a raw DI is extra difficult because you don’t get any hit stop to give you more time to press the button. Seems like it’s almost easier to throw a jab out there and then counter? I was sitting on it when you were in the corner but I couldn’t press the buttons in time.

For those that don’t know, in the Fighting Grounds custom room you can have two people sit down on a training cabinet and spar against each other. You get a lot of the training mode features like the frame meter, input display, and control over positions and resources.

It’s pretty amazing and I haven’t heard anyone talking about it. It would be a great way to train someone new to the game or goof around trying to deal with certain situations that are hard to mimic with the AI, like escaping the corner.

the emergency counter option in the parry. If you’re doing a bufferable normal, you can also DI impact to armor their DI and hit yours.

Now I’m just shopping for a hitbox controller because modern controls are nice but too limiting, particularly with certain characters, and my gamepad sucks for classic (and I’m under the impression a hitbox will be far more ergonomic for me, too).

I’d recommend a 6-button gamepad instead, a lot cheaper, and hitbox takes a lot of work to learn, especially if you’re used to pads.

Hori Fighting commander is considered a good one. Should run 1/4 the price of a hitbox.