Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning


Hell yeah, push W and hope for the best.


It was only a comment online that told me there were extra cameras :/


It’s advice that comes up quite often when speaking about the Cyclops. Sometimes people miss or forget that it’s an option.


It took me a shameful amount of time to realize you could still move the cyclops while looking at a camera. I would look, then go back to cockpit and steer, then back to the camera.

Felt like an idiot when I realized I could drive while looking at the camera.


Not that I can tell. The same for internal lights. I’ve floated right past big bad guys with them. Once I’m out of the sub the do tend to zero in on me, however. They probably smell the poop in my pants. :)

As for the prawn suit, it is a different beast. Really the only things to worry about are occasional damage, or jumping way too far down for the depth it’s currently rated for. You can take attacks on the prawn from darn near anything once or twice. Fortunately most of the baddies in the game have a hit and run technique, so you pop out, repair, get back in and get out of dodge before they circle back. You can also use a drill arm (best) or claw arm (worst) to convince them to move along. So in unknown or baddie infested areas I used a drill arm and grappling arm combo. The prawn suit in non-Leviathan areas is akin to being a demi-god. Sand sharks and stalkers really can’t do much to you while in it. Bonesharks can, but only slowly. It’s somewhat unfortunate that you find all the pieces to the prawn suit 2/3 into the game, and I’m talking about the grappling arm, drill arm and jump jet upgrade. Those along with the thermal reactor module make it damn near the best way to move around.


All this talk got me playing another game. After I think 8 or 10 replays, I finally figured out how to kill those bastard lava lizards. My trusty knife wasn’t doing anything. I think it was because they were impervious to heat.

So this time they were really annoying me while I was drilling for kyanite in my prawn. I stasis’d them, and killed them pretty quickly with the drill arm on the prawn.

Edit: I hated this lava lizards so much that one game I collected their eggs and bred them solely to feed them into my bioreactor. lol


Also, that super loud scary “bang! thump!” you just heard? Just a tiny fish being run over by your giant sub. Either that or you parked over a brain coral.

Why in FSM’s name is it so loud?!


Wow. I really enjoyed my one playthrough but can’t imagine going back. Is there that much difference in a run?

FYI, punching with the regular claw arm (surprisingly) does more damage per time than the drill.


I just want to build more bases. But so many other games in my backlog.


There is not really any difference in runs except where you start. That being said I’ve also run through the game a couple of times, because even though you know whats out there on your follow up play through, you still respect it… and some of it still terrifies you =)


Gotcha. I’m not much of a digital legos person, but I can see how that would be an appealing building set. Isn’t having to re-unlock everything kind of a pain, though?


For just fiddling around with base-building, I’d probably do a Creative game. Everything unlocked and infinite resources.


smacks head

Right, totally forgot that was a thing.


I’ve done a story-mode run through about 3 1/2 times. There -can- be minor changes but they are slight, mostly regarding the Sunbeam. And besides hardcore mode there are also folks that have done speed runs.

I just enjoy the game and the experience. Each play through I know just a little bit more or remember locations just a little better.


I am STILL finding new things that I’ve never seen before. I think it was on my 3rd or 4th playthrough I found “Sanctuary Beta” and looked it up. Turns out there are 4 of these sites scattered in really strange places.

I do things differently. This time for example, I’m not using the Cyclops at all. I had to build it for the shield, but it’s just sitting parked.

I’m also not hoarding minerals (something inside me wants a full locker of EVERYTHING on typical playthroughs).

I think there is a mod that ups the minerals required considerably. I might try that next.


I played modded one run-through and there was a fantastic mod that let you pull from nearby containers when crafting things. It saved a ton of back and forth time hunting for items in your base.


Seems like that should be a feature of the base game. Likewise if I need A but A is made from B and C, just tell me I need B and C :/


Yeah, I found those on my first run. Alpha confused the hell out of me, since it’s in Lost River and I thought it was the location the main plot had been telling me to reach.

That would definitely make the crafting less fiddly!


Hmmm, are you thinking of the exits/entrances from the large leviathan base at 1400m? Because the sanctuary sites I’m talking about aren’t on the lost river. These are small enclaves with several ion cubes in them.

EDIT: oh, you’re talking about the one you need the orange tablet to gain access I believe.


Technically it’s in the Blood Kelp, but the area immediately around it is like a “micro” Lost River in appaearance. It’s definitely one of the sanctuary sites, I looked it up at the time after getting thoroughly confused.