Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning


My assumption is that heavy attack is something that can be mitigated by moving into a different area. IIRC, last time I ventured down to where that dude in the video seemed to be, Cyclops-hostile critters were clustered in specific areas that you could fairly easily exit when things got too hot, so to speak. I’m trusting that they’ll balance it well, as they seem to do a lot of play-testing and have good judgement.

But like I said, I don’t have the new Cyclops yet…


Some story being revealed? D:

We shall find out in 13 minutes!




Still not playing it until release, which is soon I hope.


Sorry for the bump, but I found a perfect example for why the new Cyclops Is On Fire feature exists in the first place. Duncan from the Yogscast demonstrates, although I doubt that was his intention when he began recording. This clearly shows what not to do, and what to do, in an emergency situation, IMO. My take is, if you plan well and have plenty of decoys and fire extinguishers on hand, the fire management situation isn’t too bad.




Am I the only one who thinks the game veers off into some rather strange direction, the more time goes by? I mean, suddenly this wonderful freeform scubadiving game is a survival story about aliens, plague and ancient robots that I have to destroy?
The nice calmness of the game a year ago seems completely obliterated in the face of bigger and nastier enemies and confrontations.


I think the plague story was always there. It just was never fleshed out. Personally, I hope they keep the combat stuff to a minimum. If the end game ends up being about defeating some kind of super monster(s), then Ill be very disappointed.

I just want to explore in peace. I am sad that the Cyclops is no longer invulnerable.


This was never designed to be just a free-form scuba-diving game. If you want to play it that way, you will have the option to choose that kind of mode. But since the earliest design docs there has been a planned beginning, middle, and and end, all intertwined by story. The increasing monster load is not just random stuff being added. They’ve been on tap for years with the space and habitat ready to be filled. There are tons of survival games out there with no point. Subnautica, like the Forest, wanted there to be something of interest vs. just survive, grind, and build junk.


Have you played it recently? Because its become a quest driven, loot-driven, combat-heavy game, which I’m pretty sure wasn’t in the original designs.


How close is it to being complete? The game has been lying in my wishlist pile for a year now.


Their whole project is publically viewable on Trello. It’s meant to be feature-complete this month, with V1.0 scheduled for the end of October.

Here's the roadmap:


October 31, according to their roadmap. Edit: ah, Profanicus beat me.

It’s only combat heavy if you make a special effort to play it that way, IMO. The game is really more oriented toward stealth and avoidance, from start to finish.


Cuddle Fish Update


I wanted to love Subnautica but, aside from its being a beast on my PC, I just found the inventory twiddling no fun.

Using inventory slots as a gating mechanism and also following Minecraft with the endless barrage of tiered crafting items… there’s gotta be a better way. Anyway, for me, it’s not really exploration if I’m just moving little icons around boxes half the time. Although I generally do enjoy a certain amount of inventory twiddling in hardcore CRPGs. So who knows.


I am hoping there is an inventory mod to make things like copper / silver / etc… stackable. I can see some things not stacking like the salvage you get titanium from, but the ores and whatnot I want stackable. At the very least then should allow you to make ingots of all metals and then turn those ingots back into the basic stuff to craft with.

I am just avoiding this game until its done. I already played it too much already.


Holy hell I loaded this game up on Thursday for the first time since looong into early access. It is AMAZING now.

I’ve played literally all weekend and just scratched the surface (with my seamoth) and can’t wait to play more. Not sure when this is actually released but it is a damn fine game so far.

Any mid game tips?


After you have played it for like a week, let me know if the kelp forest lag has been fixed yet. That is, after playing it for some amount of hours (I do not know how many) across many sessions, the kelp forests will start to tank your frame-rate and eventually crash your game.


They have pushed the release date back from end of October to January now, I believe in an attempt to tackle pop-in, and bugs.

P.S. I am really trying very hard to NOT dive into this again (for the 3rd time) until release, and you are not helping. That is all.


I think a year ago the release date was January 2017. This is depressing.