Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning


God I would feel better with a harpoon or some kind of cannon. In the current non-beta (still early access) you can craft a knife and a stasis rifle, but I’ve heard it takes forever to kill these things. I could be wrong and I’m not willing to try. Heck, I’m not even willing to go near that thing in the cyclops. And once they spawn, they apparently never despawn, so he’s forever patrolling one segment of my long-ass tunnel to the Aurora.


Habitat Update

  • Glass corridors
  • Vertical connections
  • Observatories
  • Moon pools
  • Large compartments
  • Storage Lockers
  • Benches
  • Bulkhead doors
  • Aquariums
  • New area
  • New flora
  • New metals

Seamoth Update

I have to say they are really adding some cool stuff to this, I can’t wait for the full release.


yeah, I see (ha) overworld areas now, with caves as well? Pretty interesting where this is going! The game is consistently among the top sellers in Early Acess, so I suspect they are doing quite well, which is awesome!


H2.0 update!


Good stuff.

I’ve been playing on the experimental version to enjoy the awesome water and other goodies and couldn’t go back to regular.


One of the few games I picked up during the Steam sale. Really enjoying it. Works well with Steam Link/Steam Controller (wish they’d add official controller support, though).


It does work with a standard XB1 controller, though not perfectly yet.


Did not know that, I’ll give it a shot.


Bought this on Friday and I’ve been trying to find every spare moment to play it since.

It is pretty amazing. I’m perhaps 10 hours in on an initial playthrough, and it’s probably been one of my top 10 gaming experiences.


I did a few lets plays, and a tutorial on this game a while back, it really sucked me in initially. My biggest problem is that once you get up and running, get a base built, and get your subs built, you run out of reasons to play, or at least I did. The exploration to me, is the weakest part of the game, as it’s all very random, and you don’t really find anything new. That’s something that certainly could change as the game progresses, but at last play through, you’ve seen one kelp forest, you’ve seen them all.

I hope they can figure out how to make this into a “game”, as the underwater feeling of it is amazing. I think they absolutely nailed the physics of the whole thing, and it’s worth the purchase price easily at this point. I’d say you can easily get 30 hours out of it before you hit that wall.

I love the physics of it so much, I wish I was inclined to want to play the game for some reason other than ‘it’s fun to swim around’. Don’t get me wrong, I think there is plenty of game play there to warrant a purchase, I just wish there was more because I like being in the world so much.


Oh, great. So this is going to be one of those threads that continually dashes my hopes when I open it and see it wasn’t bumped because the game has been officially released.



If it helps any, there were indications they were shooting for end of summer as a potential release window.


Sorry, Tom.

Yeah, I expect I’ll get 20 or 25 hours out of my current run-through and then I’ll start to run out of compelling goals. That’s okay, though. I’ll take 20 hours of a great game experience any day. I’ll finish this play through, and put it on the shelf until the full release hits.

I’ve had the opposite reaction to the exploration. I was surprised by all of the different underwater terrain and biomes. Based on a couple of videos I watched, I expected it to just consist of reefs and deep water, but there’s a real sense of discovery for me. The environments get more alien the further you go out, and I’ll be darned if I can figure out if there’s an edge of the map thus far. It seems huge. Also, the rewards for going into the deep water seem pretty commensurate with the risk. I’ve had so many close calls and ‘oh crap’ moments.

Yeah, they nailed the underwater feel. The latest graphics upgrade is also beautiful, and the audio is amazing.


I’ve had my eye on this one for a while, but I’m holding off watching Let’s Plays too much since I really want to experience the thrill of the unknown when exploring. I do hope they add more to it, one common complaint I’ve seen is the lack of content once you get up and running (as ultrazen says above).


VR support? I came close to buying this on sale, but held back, just from sheer backlog. But if you say it also has TrackIR support, I might have to cave, since I can do that now.


Someone told me you could feed the sharks and they’d become your friends! Turns out they were half right.

[SUP]Apparently, you’re not buying anyone’s friendship with just a fish.[/SUP]


Just be careful. Once I bribed one on accident as I’d just snagged a peeper I was chasing and it took it. Then the silly thing brought me scrap and dropped it for me. The bad part was I swam back to the life pod and the happy feels wore off so I had Mr Toothy parked outside for a long time grumpy with me.


My bad part was I was eaten by a shark.


Yes, it’s supported VR for a while in varying degrees of functionality. It works with the latest Oculus beta drivers though there are some minor performance and UI issues.

I don’t think it supports TrackIR though.