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It’s funnier if Greg gets crushed somehow, like the siblings hanging the Mencken call on him. As others have said I don’t want the show to pull a weak “what about Bran” style ending.

Greg the Guilder

Tales of Dunk and Greg the Egg

Earlier in the season, I thought that perhaps the kids would screw up the company so badly (cruises, living +) that by the end of the season there wouldn’t be a company left for them to inherit, and no one would succeed Logan.

The fact that each episode is one day didn’t give the kids enough time to screw it up, unless there’s an epilogue. It did seem like between Kendall and Roman they were going to give it a shot, though, with all the random bro-level firing and number cooking. It’s quite possible some/most of that will come back to bite them in the final episode.

Hooo, that episode took a little while to get cooking but once Greg spilled the beans, it was gripping right through to the end. It pretty much delivered everything I wanted from a series finale. Gonna miss this great show.

Yeah. The dagger right in the heart at the end of the play. Brutal.

The “controlling the narrative” after the episode was very illuminating on why everything was building towards this.

I found that very satisfying.

Ugh. Shiv. Not a fan

Great finale however!

Just. Wow.

Just a fucking dagger in the heart. After the carribean make up too. Meal fit for a king, and to do that to him. Her child is certainly never going to meet one of its uncles.

In the end, Shiv lives up to her name.

Not like anyone ‘won’ the finale but Shiv is the only one still on the inside. Plus she still has some cards to play… the Waystar cruise scandal on Tom and the Ebba blood scandal on Matsson. Bring on the Shiv/Tom spin-off.

“I love you, but you are not serious people.”

I’m not sure being on the inside of that shitshow is a good thing, even if the siblings think it is.

Was anyone else expecting a Kendall suicide at the end? Too obvious?

I read that Jeremy Strong did one take of that scene where he climbed over the rail to jump and the guy playing his security had to run and grab him.

The problem with knowing that Strong goes so deep into his method is that whenever I’m watching his outstanding ‘broken Kendall’ performances, I worry about the the actor instead of the character.

My take on the way Strong played it Kendall working up the courage or just making a decision on whether or not to jump.

I can’t help feeling like Roman, who had been so compelling and dominant this season, didn’t have an interesting-enough final scene. Maybe in the abstract it’s an appropriate place to leave him… he’s just some guy at a bar. But in comparison to Shiv and Kendall’s cinematic, moody send-offs, it seems to be lacking.

Yeah, I was hoping for a bit more Roman, but his high point, probably in his entire night, was playing kingmaker during election night. We wanted more because Kieran Culkin was so incredible all season. This was the final Shiv v Kendall showdown.

Once that was over, and it was obvious that Mencken was done with him, he was completely deflated, back to his kid form.

I think that the freedom and money from the deal will do him good. He will just be a rich jerk like Connor.

Also, the fear in Willa’s eyes as Shiv mentioned the possibility of the election going another way was priceless.

Tom is the only one whose trajectory was in the “right” direction the whole time. He’s a powerless figurehead, but he’s the best one of those he’s been yet! And even that empty victory was something Shiv strove for and failed.

I don’t think Shiv “won” much of anything. She’s held a lot of cards before and been outmaneuvered, and she’s ending the season in the weakest position she’s been in since Logan died.