Super Crate Box



Thank me upon your return. So awesome.

Looks and plays like a downdated Popeye ripoff…

That kind of reply makes me wonder what the first reply would be like if someone else posted the thread…

Anyway, last I checked, Popeye didn’t have a bazooka or a flamethrower.

This kind of reply makes me wonder if you notice what posted it.

I don’t know much about the guy, to be honest.

Anyway, this game is worth playing, dammit! And it’s free!

Its fun, needs a gamepad, felt awkward using the keyboard. Would also rock as an xlive indie game.

This game has some of the absolute best acceleration curves on character movement and jumping I’ve seen in a very, VERY long time.

Wait til you see what happens with the minigun. Try using it against a wall while jumping. Heh. I absolutely love the physical interaction with the weapons.

This is side-view action-platform Robotron and it’s awesome.

That’s a good little game, right there.

We can only hope!

Oh damn the disc gun to hell.

Love this game. Keyboard seems to stick a bit.

Full screen seemed to go in 1/4th speed mode which made it WAY too easy. Playing in windowed got me the right speed of UTTER FUN.

They did apologize. But not hard enough.

Ow… keyboard claw.

Awesome game, definitely recommend using a gamepad.

Very fun with a gamepad!

What’s SMFT stand for? Is it the obvious? :P

Super Mother Fucking Troglodyte

Compelling enough to make me play for all the weapons, at least.

So this is still awesome a day later. And still free. Play it.

The instructions for the game should be “try to be stuck with the dual pistols and disc gun for as short a time as possible.”

Man, either that game has really hard unlock conditions or I plainly suck at it. My record is a lousy 14 boxes.