Super Metroid hit VC today

GAF is exploding in a frenzy of excitement. Was the game really that good? Like a lot of SNES stuff I missed this the first time round. Worth a download?

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It’s good. It’s a lot easier than the original Metroid just due to being able to save, and energy recharges are a lot more plentiful, so you can explore more at your leisure.

A lot of its design rubbed off on the Castlevania series as it evolved into its current form, if you liked them (if I’ve got the ordering right).

It’s possibly the best game in the Metroid series proper. Quite playable today.

Super Metroid is one of the best games ever made. So yeah, definitely worth a download if you’ve never played it. I’ve still got my SNES and I play through it every now and again.

It’s easily the best Metroid game, and certainly my favorite game on the SNES. It’s really a triumph of game design, IMO. I made a point to download it since I lost my SNES cart somewhere along the way. You can appreciate the beginning areas of Zebes a little more if you have beaten the first game too.

Worth noting that there is also a little Metroid Prime 3 preview applet you can download for free on the Wii, and they have 8 little movie clips up there, with a couple more set to be released later in the week.

In case you’re not convinced yet - here is another vote for Super Metroid being the best of the series.

Best nintendo produced game ever made, IMO. Holds up great and it why castlevania isnt crap anymore,.


Super Metroid is definitely one of the greatest games ever made. Certainly Nintendo has never topped it, IMO.

Really? Over Ocarina of Time?

But I also simply do not like the extensive backtracking in the Metroid and Castlevania games, and the sameness of the environment.

Man, don’t get me started on how boring and overrated Ocarina of Time was. On top of that, I’m curious how you reconcile all the backtracking and sameness of the environment in Zelda games.

I realized that after saying it (re: the backtracking), heh. But as far as the environment, it’s very detailed, varied and interesting. Packed with amusing characters and puzzles. And with that the backtracking doesn’t stick out so much.

But my memory of Super Metroid (and earlier) is going from the same basic room to room ad infinitum.

Rather than look it up myself…

Does Super Metroid VC require a controller other than the Wii remote? If so, what?

Same question, but about VC games in general. If I have a GC controller and/or WaveBird, do I need to worry about buying some OTHER controller for VC games?

If you have a Gamecube controller, you’re covered. If not, you would need to buy the Classic Controller. Or a Gamecube controller.

Well your memory is wrong. There are sections and those sections are different both in look, sound, music, and enemies. The only similarities would be that there are platforms, and you have to jump.

edit: And shoot things.

editedit: I’m going to replay Super Metroid this weekend I think. Maybe bring my SNES to work.

Super Metroid will work with the Gamecube controller, and the controls are remappable, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a layout that works.

I don’t think any VC games require the Classic Controller (ones that say they do are supposed to work with the GC controller as well), but it might be awkward for some games.

There isn’t extensive backtracking and “sameness of the environment” in Ocarina of Time? Did we play the same game?

EDIT: Disregard, Charles won the thread already. ZELDA NOOB DOWN

Maybe so. I remember it as essentially cave tiles of varying color, and pipes of varying color. So that seems like quite a stretch from the environments of OoT, with fields, forests, towns and mountains.

Guess I’ll have to grab it on VC and get a refresher at some point.

Is it worth playing through the NES Metroid first, or has it really aged as terribly as I’ve heard?

Playing through? No. Playing? Yes.